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Backed by 56 yearsƒ?? experience, Safety Signal is the security expert to call for custom design and monitoring solutions!

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We want to hear from our customers! What is the most important service you look for in a security product company?

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Find out what you can do, Educate yourself on home security basics with this great article!

Homes without a security system installed are more than 65% more likely to be targeted. Change this stat and call us today! #protip

It only takes a burglar around 10 minutes to break in and find the homeowners valuables. #securityisessential

On average a candle fire is reported to the fire department every 30 minutes. #staysafe

An inspirational quote to ponder when it comes to #security. #quoteoftheday #inspirational

Manƒ??s best friend has always been a major deterrent for burglaries throughout history. #securitymeme

Safety Signal system benefits: peace of mind, homeownerƒ??s insurance savings, and 24/7 monitoring.

Your familyƒ??s safety is our number one priority. Install one of our systems that provides access to 4 cameras you can monitor wirelessly.
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