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Can anyone do a little world for Indianapolis, IN??

Nova doesn't show as beta in the app store with the newest version loaded, will this eventually show??

Anyone know how to get the Monolink band for the original Moto 360?? Anyone seen one for sale or have one for sale?? Looking for the stainless Moto 360.

Any updates on when the original Droid Turbo will be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow???

Is there anywhere that anyone has found to purchase the monolink watch band for the original Moto 360? I still want that band and still haven't found it anywhere.

I would like to see a pool / billiard related little world or one for the city of Indianapolis, IN if anyone can help out.

Can anyone recommend any new, must have, apps for the Moto 360???

+David Schuster​ +Motorola Mobility​

Any update on the Moto 360 5.1.1 update?

+Motorola Mobility​ +David Schuster​ +Motorola Droid Turbo​

With tons of announcements for other devices, I was wondering if we could get a status update on the droid turbo lollipop update beyond "it's coming".

Rumors are starting tomorrow, mid June and never.

Thanks for the update (hopeful)
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