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Our detailed review of +Purism Computers' Librem 15 workhorse laptop is now online! Grab some popcorn and enjoy #Linux

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Marketing genius from Hydro-Québec: with a simple prize worth $40K, we estimate that they've already saved a minimum of 400-800k in annualized costs, in a week, by enticing customers to switch to online billing.

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High quality printed versions of the FY 2015 +GNOME Annual Report are ready and will be available at #GUADEC . Want one? Let us know, so we can estimate how many +Jeff Fortin Tam should bring along with him! The FY 2014 Annual Report (the green edition) can also be brought along, for the collectors among you interested in obtaining that rare vintage item...

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Quelques photos de cet événement que nous avons aidé à organiser à l'ÉTS... (détails de l'événement sur

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An interesting article for those of you intrigued by everyday soundscapes...

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An insightful essay from Nathan Tanner on why you shouldn't turn your designers & developers into "Swiss Army knives"

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Avec plus d'une centaine de participants présents pour repenser les pratiques d'enseignement au Québec, la première édition de la Journée de la pédagogie active a été un franc succès!

Nous sommes heureux d'avoir contribué à l'organisation et à et la tenue de cet événement à l'+École de technologie supérieure.

Voici quelques clichés que nous avons pris lors du colloque.
Journée de la pédagogie 2015
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Nous sommes heureux de donner un coup de main pour l'organisation de la journée de la pédagogie active, à l'+École de technologie supérieure le 14 avril prochain! Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant sur

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Rebranding & changing a logo is a pretty daring move for its community is made of artists with strong opinions—after all, the core essence of the brand has always been to be something for deviant artists to identify with. Both praise and scathing comments are pouring in like torrential rain—on that single journal post alone, there are over 900 pages of comments (and counting). This is an interesting development to watch.
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