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C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon
Stanczyk - Internet Muse, Polish Genealogist
Stanczyk - Internet Muse, Polish Genealogist

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Nicholas Winton, MBE — born 19 May 1909, died 1 July 2015 . Obituary:  [please read] Stanczyk took note of the passing of Sir Nicholas Winton. Sir Nicholas…

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     Version 6.6.1 of ‘s App changes the UX (User Experience) in two noticeable ways: Tapping on an individual takes you immediately to the profile (not just select and alter tree branch paths) Tapping & Holding (see top image) highlights the…

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The Historic Charlie Hebdo March avec the 40 World Leaders!


A turning point … ?

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They should refuse their HEALTHCARE!

If they are really against Obamacare then give it up. Give back the taxpayers the $ they spent on your (Congress) HealthInsurance.


We are up to 14 Republicans and 7 Democrats who have agreed to not accept pay during the shutdown thus far.

@Morning_Joe — I'm mad as hell & I want everyone to use #ShutdownTheGOP in twitter, facebook & googleplus to get CONGRESS 's attention NOW!

Let's take back America from this do-nothing Congress!

—— signed Registered GOP voter

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Galician Tabula Registers via Gesher Galicia and ...

Alexander Dunai 's research / article .  READ it!

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Hello Internet, I think I can understand you now. The dictionary has given me the language to communicate effectively thanks to the dons at Oxford  ...

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Polish Nobility & DNA in Genealogy ... This blog has it all.

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Genealogy on the go ...

#PBS has a new offering next month.
I am interested most in the Detroit episode,
but I'll probably check out all four. 

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Getty Museum releases over 4,000 images to the public.

Getty Search Gateway, Duke Ludwig I of Brzeg ...
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