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Did you receive the August edition of The Electric Fencepost tonight? Kiwiburn have changed over to MailChimp and it's a whole new world of technology, colour and now images! So check your email and maybe re-subscribe if you've changed your email address in the last year or two. You can sign up here:
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Added photos to Kiwiburn 2015 – Wyrd.
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'Build something. Fly something. Float something. Burn something. Bring it to Kiwiburn.'

This will be the 12th Kiwiburn. Come for the whole time, or as many days as you can. 

Many volunteers will be needed for the event, so think about how you can contribute. Built on the guiding principles of Burning Man, Kiwiburn is a collective experience. Everybody contributes, everybody pays. As there are no paid performers at the event, there are no spectators and what is shared are the passions and dreams of those who gift them. You do not "attend" Kiwiburn, you are a part of it. There is no money exchanged for anything at the event. You bring everything you need to survive. 

There will be art installations and people in costume, fire spinners, drummers... but that's just us, and what we are doing... bring your passion and share with us your dreams.

Art is an integral part of Kiwiburn, installation, performance, interactive.... the limit is your imagination... so get creating.... the 2015 art theme is WYRD - Kiwiburn has an art grants programme to help fund artwork... read more info about how to apply here: and

Visit our website here:

Ticket vendor link:

Ticket info link: and

What to bring:
nb Ice is available, and is only thing you can buy, for keeping food/drink cool. 

We need you - volunteer here:

Keep up to date with the Kiwiburn community - subscribe to the EFP newsletter:
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Man and Temple Crew Applications

How would you build the Man? What would your personal Temple look like? Kiwiburn is excited to see your ideas for the largest art projects on the paddock – are you ready to make your dream a reality?

The ExCom is now receiving letters of interest for both the Temple and Man crew managers. Both documents outline the description of what these jobs entail ( and Or email for pdf files of the application.

Your letter of interest needs to include:
- An image of the design 
- A brief description of the concept and how it relates to the theme
- A physical description; Dimensions, materials used, etc.
- Budget estimate (keeping the estimate as close to a budget of $4500 if you can)
- Short artist bio

Remember we are not asking for a full proposal yet, this is just a call for rough expressions of interest.

Please email all expressions of interest to before the deadline of 12 July. The second round of applicants will be announced two weeks after that.
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Congratulations to Pete 'Lumos' Wyatt for the idea - it was the most popular of the many inspiring ideas received. Thank you all! 

Lumos explains, "Wyrd is an Anglo Saxon and Norse word meaning everything in the universe is connected by a weave of intricate strands. It is our fates and our destiny. Who we are, what we are and what we are doing today is dependant on actions we have taken in the past. Everyday we are shaping our destiny and by the choices we make we are shaping others destiny for generations to come."

How would you illustrate this theme? We'll be announcing the details of our poster competition very soon!
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