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Dan Benton
Making a living from taking things apart and putting them back together
Making a living from taking things apart and putting them back together

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Not jealous at all... oh, so so jealous!

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I am passionate about this, please sign! I know we had a referendum about this (but this was 6 years ago and we should keep pushing issues we are passionate about). I also know that these petition can be pointless (see the Trumps state visit but this is still the only official voice we have and still gives newspapers stats and headlines to discuss these issues.

Gary's definition of DevOps: "Migrating critical infrastructure while simultaneously posting memes on Slack"

Well I can now tick "Binge watch and entire TV series in a day" off my bucket list! So much for the DIY I had planned :-p 

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Who needs to attack the root DNS servers any more when you can take down the largest DNS provider and therefore some of the biggest sites :-/
We are tracking a number of huge attacks against Dyn DNS which is taking down a number of sites such as Twitter, Reddit, Spotify & FreeAgent

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Happy Anniversary +Dogsbody Technology Ltd.. To think I started you six years go today! I can't believe how far we have come :-)
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The phonetic alphabet is great for sharing passwords but it really needs an uppercase/lowercase shorthand! Anyone know of a standard?

Google should know I'm a techie and when I search for POODLE I do not want pictures of dogs! :-)

Tech friends, we have the opportunity to test RFC1149 (Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers) but want to mix it up a bit. Your ideas please!! :-)
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