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Priorities and Responsibilities
Today, I want to look at two different situations we
all encounter in our daily lives. The first one is about the importance of
being on time. How important is it to be on time? How important is it to teach
children to be on time? In some cultures, the Dutc...

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Common Sense and Common Courtesy
So much of what we do today is based on common
sense. Common sense is essential to showing that
we are actually paying attention to what we are doing in our
business and personal lives, and what we are saying through our
various forms of communication.  As ...

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The Easter Egg Toss and Other Fun
Easter is just around the corner! One activity which is traditionally enjoyed by
children of all ages is the Easter Egg hunt. As a child, this annual event took
place at various friends' houses. All of us as youngsters would look forward
with great anticipa...

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Dismissive Remarks and Etiquette
How many times have you been told to ‘buck up’, or ‘that’s
just the way it is’, or ‘get over it’? These are dismissive remarks that can
make you feel worse than you did before sharing your discomfort about a
situation or fear you were experiencing. One of t...

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The Teaspoon
One long time reader recently told me that my columns
were getting too heavy. I can overlook the fact that the venue was my dinner
table, where the reader was a guest. But what did register is that there is a
noticeable difference between the straight etiqu...

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Column 461 – Scents and Sensibility
Our awareness of sensitivities to scents has been on
the increase for the past several decades. Exactly why this phenomenon has
occurred is open to debate. Nonetheless, because of the increase in allergies,
and a variety of reactions to sprays and perfumed ...

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