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Finding Your Passion – at Fifty!
I recently lead a small group discussion with the goal
of discovering how to reinvent yourself after the age of 50. One of the members
of the group was just turning the magic number and I was hired as a sort of
“dog and pony show” birthday present as part o...

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Treating Mother Nature With Respect
As a young boy, I had the privilege of attending summer camp for
eight weeks every year for five years. As for many of us who had similar
opportunities, this was my first time away from home. I remember so much from
that time as though it was only yesterday...

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Your Home is Your Castle
A friend regularly posts a thought-provoking ‘Question
of the Day’ on Facebook, challenging many of us to focus on a certain
perspective we might have on some aspect of life. Recently, his question was
“What makes a house a home?” Like so many of us, I grew...

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Email Etiquette
Settling into 21 st Century
technology is not without its challenges. It’s not as though developing the
computer is akin to discovering a new variety of apple (no pun intended); life
on planet Earth has changed forever. With big changes come long periods of...

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Rushed Communications
A friend
overheard a telephone conversation I was having. I ended the conversation with,
“OK, bye”, and promptly hit the hang up button, thus ending the call. My friend
then said to me that I had hung up the phone too abruptly, not allowing the other

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Funeral Etiquette
A reader sent me the following request. “My husband passed away last month.  At the wake, some
people in the line talked to me excessively long, and two ladies even talked to
each other about their inconvenient shopping experiences, while I just stood

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Texting While Driving Still Kills

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Cell Phones and Texting are Hazardous to Safe Driving
Worth repeating. This is a column that I wrote a number of years ago, but never appeared on social media. Today, texting still kills. Between an influx of
questions to my inbox about cell phone etiquette and texting, and the latest
plea from Oprah Winfrey t...
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