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Suzan Butler
I write about romance, spies and hot hockey guys so you don't have to.
I write about romance, spies and hot hockey guys so you don't have to.


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Hey, I'm on tsu! Come hang out with me there!

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The LOVE IS... anthology is now available for pre-order on iBooks! 40 stories from bestselling authors!

So... how's everyone doing? Check in and tell us what you're doing between NaNoWriMo months!  :)

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I'm a Featured Author at Authors After Dark this year! I'd love to see you, so I'm giving away a ticket to Authors After Dark in August! More info on my blog!

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Have you grabbed your copy of Wounded Courage yet?

Barnes and Noble:

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Have you seen this awesome yet?

The SEALs of Summer trailer. :)

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Want to be notified when I have blog dates that need to be filled? Check out the NAR Contributor Mailing List.

Hey y'all! I'm launching a New Adult blog at the end of January/early February and I'm love to get some NA authors on board for the big launch. If you're interested, please let me know!

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Trying out Libboo. Buzz the book and see how it works. It's kind of interesting.

I love the New Shiny Syndrome. You know, when you have a new book and its just gelling so well for you?

Makes me so happy. :)
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