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Comment connaître les salaires moyens dans le secteur de l'informatique en province?
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Fabrice Sznajderman

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Les slides de ma présentation à Devoxx France 2014. 
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Fabrice Sznajderman

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Habemus Paypal.
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Nous sommes désormais le seul service permettant de régler avec PayPal ses billets de train SNCF, Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria et Renfe-SNCF.
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Precondition vs. Verification Checks

In Guava 17, we’re introducing a new API called Verify [1]. It contains the following static methods, plus variants that support custom error messages:
  public static void verify(boolean)
  public static T verifyNotNull(T)

If the verification check fails, an unchecked VerifyException is thrown. So how is this API any different than the existing Preconditions API?

The Preconditions API should only be used for validating preconditions. A precondition check ensures that the caller of a public method has obeyed the requirements of the method's specification. For example, a sqrt function may accept only non-negative arguments. The unchecked exceptions thrown by these methods tell the caller, “you messed up”.

A verification check is used when you lack high confidence that an API you depend on and consume will meet its (real or implied) specification. It's easiest to understand this type of check as "like a Java language assertion [2] , except that they are always enabled”.

For more information, check out our Conditional Failures Explained wiki page [3].

-+Kurt Alfred Kluever, Guavian

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Fabrice Sznajderman

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Merci +Aurélia Cointre Mazni pour ces remarques et conseils. :)
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I found this very helpfull #goodpractice for #tagging and #branching . Interessing for alle #git beginner.
I am currently learning to use Git by reading Pro Git. Right now I'm learning about branching and tags. My question is when should I use a branch and when should I use a tag? For example, say I create a branch for version 1.1 of a project. When I finish and release this version, should I leave the branch to mark the release version? Or should I add a tag? If I add a tag, should I delete the version branch (assuming that it is merged into master o...
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Le petit schéma est très intéressant, et comme toujours, plus clair qu'un long discours ;)

Néanmoins, je n'ai pas compris l'objectif de la branche develop ? Une idée ?

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Fabrice Sznajderman

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Toute la différence en le manager et le leader!
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Boss vs. Leader #SoTrue
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Fabrice Sznajderman

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Amazing Arrow Trick

If works from the refraction of the light by a different medium so that the light goes through a focal point outside the glass and reverses itself. That bending from going through the different medium is itself a really cool principle called Snell's Law, and here's a great article on it:

via +AsapSCIENCE  #scienceeveryday  
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#devoxxfr Slides de la prez "La révolution Docker" par Nicolas De loof et Ludovic Champenois
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Fabrice Sznajderman

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Pour tout les amoureux du bricolage comme moi ;), qui veulent y passer le moins de temps possible... je recommande cette perceuse sans file. C'est un bijou! :D ce matin elle m'a sauvée de plusieurs heures de bricolage! 
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