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Brisbane Breast Implants

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Revision surgery is nearly as popular as primary breast augmentation. As discussed in the breast augmentation section, maintenance-involving breast implant revision surgery after breast enhancement is very common. When a woman chooses to improve the appearance of her breasts with breast implants, she is also assuming a lifelong endeavour to sustain the quality of her enhanced breast profile.
There are many reasons or conditions to have redo implant surgery. The most common ones are the following:
• Breast capsular contraction: when the breast implant is inserted into the body, the body’s response is to recognize the breast implant as foreign material. In response, it forms a scar capsule that encases the implant and walls off the breast implant from the body. An inflammatory process occurs which causes the scar tissue to thicken and constrict around the implant making it unnaturally hard. Though theories exist, it is not known exactly what triggers this response, or why it happens to some people and not to others. The current theory is that a low grade infection causes inflammation around the breast implant and starts the formation of scar tissue.
• Deflation or rupture of the breast implant.
• Laxity of the skin and the resulting changes in breast shape, as part of the normal aging process.
• Stretching of the skin and changes in breast shape caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding.
• Infection or bleeding in the early postoperative period, while uncommon, may occur in 1%-2% of patients nationwide.
Revision breast implant surgery, which is surgery that is done to correct a problem, often takes more skill, precision and artistic ability than the primary breast augmentation surgery.
The various options for revision may be:
• Removal of the scar capsule and replacement of the implants, with the same size, larger or smaller breast implants.
• Breast lift, with or without changing out the breast implants.
• Remove the breast implants all together. (Patients rarely choose this option.)…/breast-pr…/breast-implant-revision/
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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Vs Liposuction

#tummytuck #abdominoplasty #liposuction

FAQ: About Tummy Tucks

1. What is a tummy tuck?
A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a major surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia, and involves liposuction and excision to remove fat, plus a large excision of skin. The typical result is usually a flatter tummy with a large scar extending from the pubic area to the lower abdomen to anterior hips. Because the surgeon can directly visualize the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall during a tummy tuck, lax abdominal muscles can be surgically tightened during a tummy tuck procedure. Before the invention of liposuction, a tummy tuck was the only surgical method for removing excessive abdominal fat. In many patients (but not all) liposuction of the abdomen can often provide equivalent or better results than a tummy tuck. Because liposuction is safer and causes less scarring compared to tummy tucks, abdominal liposuction is now far more common than are tummy tucks.
2. How does abdominal liposuction differ from a "tummy tuck"?
Liposuction of the abdomen removes most of the fat found under the skin and above the abdominal muscles. When patients have good abdominal muscle tone, liposuction can provide a dramatic improvement, with a natural appearance of the abdomen, and with minimal scarring. In the vast majority of liposuction patients, the natural elasticity of abdominal skin contracts smoothly, and there is no need to surgically remove skin. Tummy tuck usually involves liposuction to remove fat plus the surgical removal of a large section of skin from the lower abdomen, together with a surgical relocation of the belly button. A tummy tuck can result in an unsightly scar that extends across the entire lower abdomen, just above the pubic area in addition to an unnatural appearance of the belly button. The recovery after liposuction is much safer, quicker and easier than the recovery after a tummy tuck.
3. What are the advantages of a tummy tuck (compared to liposuction)?
The only patients for whom a tummy tuck is superior to abdominal liposuction are the relatively few women having extreme degrees of lower abdominal skin laxity, unusually extensive stretch marks, or severely stretched abdominal muscles (as a result of pregnancy). Tummy tuck surgically removes skin with severe stretch-marks (striae-distensae). Liposuction does not remove stretch marks. A tummy tuck can produce a flatter abdominal wall by tightening the abdominal muscles. Liposuction is appropriate for patients who have abdominal muscles that have not be excessively stretched out of shape by pregnancy. A tummy tuck can remove excessive amounts of loose abdominal skin. However, loose abdominal skin does not mean that a tummy tuck is necessary. After liposuction, abdominal skin often contracts to a surprising degree so that an excision is not necessary.
4. What are the disadvantages of a tummy tuck?
Tummy tucks are often associated with ugly scars producing a deformed appearance of the pubic and lower abdominal areas. Although the lower abdominal area is usually covered when a bathing suit is worn, the scars are quite apparent without clothes. The removal of a large segment of lower abdominal skin requires that the belly-button be repositioned and surgically reconstructed. A surgically altered belly button often does not have a natural appearance. Tummy tucks are far more dangerous than abdominal liposuction. Tummy tuck surgery has a much higher risk surgical complications such as blood clots in the lung (pulmonary embolism) compared to liposuction. In most cases, liposuction alone, without a tummy tuck, produces excellent cosmetic results and avoids the risks and additional expenses associated with a tummy tuck.
5. When is liposuction sufficient and when is a tummy tuck necessary?
The majority of female patients who have excessive abdominal fat find that they are very happy with the results of a simple abdominal liposuction. Several months after having had an abdominal liposuction, the vast majority of women are so happy with their results that they decline a subsequent tummy tuck.
6. Is the cost of a tummy tuck greater than liposuction?
Tummy tucks are approximately twice as expensive as liposuction of the abdomen. The recovery time required before a person can return to work after a tummy tuck is typically two to four times longer than after liposuction of the abdomen.
7. If liposuction is safer, what are the reasons for doing a tummy tuck?
Abdominal liposuction is safer, gives superior cosmetic results, and has a more natural appearance without disfiguring surgical scars. Thus, liposuction has now largely replaced tummy tuck surgery as the preferred technique for improving the silhouette of the abdomen. There is another reason why a surgeon might recommend a tummy tuck. Some surgeons and some patients believe the aesthetics benefits of a maximally flat tummy outweigh the disadvantages of an abnormal appearance of the belly button and the unnatural appearance of the lower abdominal scar. Patients should be aware of this issue when deciding on liposuction or a tummy tuck.
8. How can one minimize the risk of complications associated with a tummy tuck?
When a tummy tuck is indicated, some surgeons believe it is safer to first do a liposuction and then, several months later, do the tummy tuck. Often the patient is so pleased with the initial liposuction that she no longer sees a need for a tummy tuck. Second, if the results of the liposuction are not sufficient, then dividing liposuction and tummy tuck into two separate relatively minor surgical procedures is usually much safer than one major surgery.
By: Dr. Norma Kassardjian
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#breastimplants #breastaugmentation  
Zoe's story (name changed)
I chose to have implants after having nothing more than an A Cup my entire life.  
I felt extremely conscious of my body shape & lack of breast size.  I like to keep fit & go to the gym but the first place I lost weight from was my breasts.  Clothing never fitted me properly & wearing push-up bras was terribly hot & uncomfortable. 
For me, having breast implants was something I had thought about for many years but never thought I would be in a financial position to follow through with.  I worked out a payment plan with Dr Scarlett & was able to save & pay for the procedure in instalments prior to the operation.  It's the best decision I've ever made.  
I now love swimming & playing sport without extra layers of padding & sweaty push-up bras.  I look feminine & in proportion.  I feel confident & healthy.  
The procedure was quick, safe & private.  My recovery was short & comfortable.  
Dr Scarlett was thorough, professional & very caring from the very first consult, all the way through to my last check-up appointment.  
I would definitely suggest to any woman thinking of having breast augmentation, wanting a professional procedure, with top quality products & personalised care to consult with Dr Scarlett.   
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Where there is excess accumulation of fatty tissue on the abdominal wall it is often very difficult to move this tissue without some surgical intervention. Fat can be removed with liposuction and this can sometimes be all that is required. Often times the excessive fatty tissue will be associated with excess skin from stretching and weakness of the abdominal muscle wall, which together contributes to excessive protrusion of the abdominal wall. To address the shape of the abdomen in this situation a combination of interventions is required, these will consist of liposuction, removal of excess fat and skin, repositioning of the abdominal wall muscles and relocation of the umbilicus. Some combination of these components is required in most cases to improve the appearance of the abdominal. Exactly what would be required needs to be determined at a consultation for assessment where all the options would be discussed.
Abdominoplasty can be performed as a Day Case Procedure, but with more extensive surgery an overnight stay in the hospital may be required.
Surgical Procedure
Abdominoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia. There are two types of tummy tuck procedures: complete abdominoplasty and partial or mini abdominoplasty.
Complete abdominoplasty is one where a long incision is made from hipbone to hipbone along the bikini line. The abdominal wall muscles are tightened, excess skin and fat are removed and the belly button is relocated with respect to the abdominal skin.
Partial or mini abdominoplasty removes pockets of excess fat and tightens the abdominal muscles but only below the naval. It can be done with a much smaller incision than a complete abdominoplasty. The belly button will usually not need to be moved but depends on the case. The incisions will be closed with sutures. You may or may not have a drain in place depending on your surgeons’ preference.
In a newer procedure called lipo-abdominoplasty extensive liposuction of the abdomen and flanks is done first before making the cut on the lower abdomen. The excess fat is thus already removed and the skin is ready to move down by sliding. The remaining procedures become easier, there is almost no bleeding and the recovery is also quicker. This procedure gives excellent contouring as well.
Selected cases can also be performed by a less invasive procedure called Endoscopic abdominoplasty. In this procedure, your surgeon inserts an endoscope through a tiny incision. The scope has a miniature video camera attached.
Video images will be displayed on a large screen, which will guide the surgeon during the procedure. Tiny surgical instruments are inserted through other small incisions over the abdomen for your surgeon to carry out the procedure. This can be used to tighten the muscles. The procedure is only suitable for highly selected cases
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‘When you‚ are born with absolutely nothing, you don't give a shit what anyone thinks about breast augmentation.’ Preach it!- Sarah Jessica Parker
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Breast enhancement options when you are already happy with size
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