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Luvnish A.T
in the middle of nowhere... literally. It's beautiful.
in the middle of nowhere... literally. It's beautiful.

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Snorkeling with GoPro Session at Trou aux Biches, Mauritius
Absolutely gorgeous. The video does not even give proper credit to the place. It was cozy family snorkeling trip at Trou aux Biches, public beach in north of Mauritius. Not my first time there, but it was for my cousin and sis-in-law. They were mind-blown b...

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Insurmountable they seem, yet they are ours: Our problems.
Ah.. work is taking its toll on me. But I guess we all reach that point sometimes in our lives... unless you're a rich-ass douche prince; yet I suppose he too must reach a point whence he finds life hard. I recently read a quote which goes: "If a group of r...

We are oblivious to petrol prices (in our happy bubble) until we own a car... 

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I've tried something new in this post: homemade gif animation! Not bad huh?
I'll get to do something better eventually. :D

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I've started probing my creativity with the pics.. :p

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My Rants about Search Engine Optimisation. Do drop your feedback.

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made my day =)
It's easy to feel cynical about the world around us. 

When you do, remember this video! It put a big smile on my face today, and I hope it might make you feel the same~

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