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Aviâja Svendsen
Den der tier, samtykker.
Den der tier, samtykker.
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Doctor Who
An introduction to the eleven doctors so far.

My first doctor was the 11th in the episode Amy's Choice. He's also one of my favorites, but I really like the 1st and the 9th as well :) 
If you need to catch up on the previous Doctors before this week's Eleventh Doctor special, check out our #DoctorWho playlist!

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Loving this xD
Doctor Who

"You work with your females. Arm them, and force them to wear clothing. Sickening!" - Ferengi.

I was watching an episode from the first season of Star Trek TNG. I thought it was fun, how they reacted to the ,Tasha Yar, who was both working, wearing clothes and was armed :P This made me try to imagine how a ferengi female looked like naked...shouldn't have done that xD

But I must say I really liked their energy whips, though I don't recall them using the whips again after that episode :/

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I'm surprised that a man so easily can get away with this. Hadn't he been famous, he might have gotten more of a punishment.

Of course any sort of violence is bad, but what is worse is, that people can get away with it if they have the right connections.

I know some people might say, that it is all about the music, but think about what kind of example this gives both for women affected by domestic violence and for young people. Accepting cases like these just makes it okay to use violence.

Great bit on why Chris Brown's performance at the Grammys sends a terrible message to women everywhere, and why, if we could muster outrage over Komen, we should muster outrage here.

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Aawww :D
We don't celebrate valentines day here, but this one is really cute x3

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Jim is so funny in this one. Love his expressions and his crazy dance moves :D

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So cute x3

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My family keeps telling me that I picked the worst time to graduate. I want to prove them wrong. I've always wanted to work at Google, and just recently, they've opened new positions for recent grads.

But instead of submitting the typical resume, I decided that if I wanted to get noticed, I needed to be creative and strategic. So...I built my resume into my Google+ profile with the help of Photoshop and InDesign.

Here's where I need everyone's help...I need as many people to +1 this and share it as possible. In one week, I will take a screenshot of this post, and send it in with my application as an addendum. Hopefully, they'll appreciate what I did, and +1 me with an interview.

Wish me luck, and your +1s and shares are most appreciated!

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Really fun Japanese pretzel commercials xD

Doesn't really make sense, but sort of addictive :P
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