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Extremely useful website, especially for newbies.

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默默打開 Steam ...

程式改用 Qt5 以後才發現 KDE 還沒有給 Qt5 用的 theme engine XD

clang 的 -std=c++11 會影響 ABI ?!

懷疑 Akonadi 的 SQLite support 有問題 ...

請問有人有試過 KDEConnect 嗎?
今天在 Debian Sid 上裝了之後似乎也沒辦法偵測到 Android 裝置
需要安裝其他 library 嗎?
(我試的裝置是 HTC Sensation 和 ASUS Transformer)

請問有人的 KDevelop 的 background parser 用掉太多 memory 而炸掉嗎?
最近這個問題讓我很困擾 orz

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Oh it is on now!
+Mark Shuttleworth, You write in the blog linked below:

"Mir is really important work. When lots of competitors attack a project on purely political grounds, you have to wonder what THEIR agenda is. At least we know now who belongs to the Open Source Tea Party "

As one of the people who has disagreed with the necessity of, the value proposition of as well as the practice of spreading lies in defense of Mir, I resent being equated with a political movement that bears no resemblance to the issues surrounding Mir. I am particularly offended by the implication that the only retort to Mir has been politically motivated.

It amounts to libel at worst, and name calling at best. You would not accept that done to you, yet you do it to others. Shame on you, Mark, shame.

You feel that defending Mir  with such tactics is important enough to plug that into an otherwise unrelated blog entry that opens with "I would like to say a few thank-you’s".

My response to that is simple, Mark: let's do this like adults.

If you wish to discuss Mir and cast aspersions on those who disagree in the process, well then by all means let's discuss Mir, Mark.

Let's do so live and online. Let's appear on one of the outstanding Free software video casts such as the Linux Action Show with +Chris Fisher and +Matt Hartley (assuming they will have us) and discuss the merits of Mir,  Wayland and their implications vis-à-vis Free software .

Yes, I am challenging you to a public debate on the matter. Seems appropriate as you seem to feel this is a political matter.

Are you in?

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