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A shutterbug, at this moment.
A shutterbug, at this moment.
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English revision needed. Thanks. 帮帮忙,改英文,谢谢。
English revision needed. Hi, my dear circlers, I'm writing a statement for my coming new photobook, which consists of photographs I took in a public restroom of the business building I worked in everyday. My English writing (including this paragraph) is supposed to have some basic mistakes as usual. If you have time, are in a leisurely mood, and are kind enough to help me for a better book (and to save my mianzi/face :D), please drop me a line or two, telling me what looks weird or showing me even the correct. I'll appreciate any help from you.
[The title of the book:] Hard Not to Stray, Especially in a Restroom with a View
This book depicts a strong privacy that is suggested by being alone in a public restroom. Its readers will be invited to refresh their woolgathering when their mind strayed from the gurgles for an instant, gazing at what they might not otherwise.

Through a restroom window of the business building where I worked in, what I have gazed at for years is the sky. Last June, after settling myself again in the actuality that I won’t be able to photograph like a fulltime artist did, I started taking pictures there, during my coffee breaks, for this book.

With my original intention, each picture in the book means one of that gazes. I have realized that I could record what one stared at but not how far he has traveled, and even prepared to accept a series of boring images. A rough sequencing sprung a surprise for me. I am now happy with the result and enjoying somebody’s rapid trip, which lasted a whole book with ambivalent clouds and ups and downs, and happened purportedly in a twinkle.

On getting a handful of shots, I was obsessed with a word from Tao Yuanming’s poem. I put it on the title page finally. “The carefree clouds float between the peaks,” the foremost of the Chinese recluse poets wrote. A Chinese reader might effortlessly think the line more as a portrait than a landscape, a portrait of the author or the reader himself.

Tao Yuanming,  (also known as Tao Qian, 365–427) was a Chinese poet of the Six Dynasties poetic period (ca. 220 - 589 CE) and generally regarded as the greatest poet during the centuries between the Han and Tang dynasties. Tao is also the foremost of the "recluse" poets, or the poets who seem to have written their greatest work while in reclusion and/or those poets in whose poems the theme of countryside solitude particularly resonates. -

------------------- The Chinese version translated from English
(书名) 难免走神,尤其在看得见风景的洗手间




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What an hour! Bobby McFerrin & Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

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I'm preparing my new book and hope the first DSLR in my house pays off.

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Love to see MC's continuous progress. Looking forward to the new formats they've promised.
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