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Some environmentalists want to get rid of the wallabies as an invasive species. Footprints on the beach strongly suggest Nessie has been coming ashore and eating wallabies, late at night. (Yes they are good to eat.) And if that source of her food dries up, then what? HUMANS COULD BE NEXT ON HER MENU! In other words: Wallabies now bleed to save the people for whom Wallace once bled. Support Wallabies for Wallace. Petition your elected representatives now!
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Samuel Same

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Military barrel lifespan is determined by wear of bullet in barrel, not my wear of case in chamber. Wear of case in chamber is just not an issue. Wear of bullet in barrel has nothing to do with what kind of case the bullets are fired from.  Firing steel-case ammo has no effect on barrel life. GGnG's whole analysis is based on a false premise.
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TYPO CORRECTED: "Military barrel lifespan is determined by wear of bullet in barrel, not by wear of case in chamber."
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Their prices very competitive, almost always better than Carrs-Safeway, and often better than Wal-Mart. Staff are generally all OK except one of the store managers (speaks with an Brit accent) is a bit of a snob. He seems to thinks customers should be grateful that somone of his high rank would condescend to speak to him.
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Treated like dirt by cashier.
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I was insulted and humiliated by the bunch of red necks behind the counter who ganged up on me. This one guy was trying to tell me you get no more velocity out of a 26' barrel 308 than a 16', because "the powder is all burned up after 15 inches". And he called "the gunsmith" to back him up! This is nonsense! A 26" barrel gains a lot in velocity over a 16". "Powder burned up" is irrelevant. Remaining pressure in the barrel is relevant. The bullet will keep accelerating so long as the forward force on the base of the bullet (due the gas pressure) is greater that the rearward force of friction plus air resistance: I find the staff to be ignorant, arrogant and rude. I left without leaving them any money, and I won't be back.
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Prices on certain items are very good. Meat prices are better than average. It more than a grocery store though. They have a pharmacy, a liquor store, clothing, hardware and sporting goods including guns an ammo at competitive prices. Customer service is as good as Walmart.
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