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Providing Help for the Harried Game Master.
Providing Help for the Harried Game Master.


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It has begun! Tabletop Adventures is pleased to announce that we have joined TableTop Library and that all our electronic products will soon be available there. We have a start already with our most popular product, "Bits of the Boulevard," as well as the classic "Bits of Darkness: Dungeons" and "Bits of Darkness: Caverns." Also included so far is the 3.5E version of "Shards of the Heart," an NPC product. More will be added as time permits until our entire catalog is present and accounted for.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to join this great new store and are excited about future possibilities there. Check out our new page today!

Celebrate GM’s Day with Tabletop Adventures!

March 4th is GM’s Day! In honor of GMs everywhere, Tabletop Adventures is offering 30% off all our electronic products. We provide Help for the Harried Game Master in a number of different ways. Check out our terrain and location products for fantasy, future, or modern horror settings, or try out the "Deck O’ Names" random name generators. Other items for the fantasy game master are the "Bits of Magicka" magic item products and "Shards of the Heart" NPCs. If your GM is into horror instead, look into "Against the Darkness," a Vatican horror roleplaying game.

Take advantage of these discounts to gift your game master with some useful, inspirational material. Any game, any time – Tabletop Adventures.

You can get Tabletop Adventures products on this great sale through March 17th at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

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The Warlock’s Journal Contest is back at Tabletop Adventures, featuring the "Unknown Underground."

The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that moves through the planes always seeking new information. This month it is gathering descriptions of hidden areas below the surface of the earth. 

The minions of Tabletop Adventures are holding a contest for special descriptions that fit this theme. The entry deadline is Wednesday, February 17th and the prize will be $10 in store credit on RPGNow/DriveThruRPG, plus a free copy of Tabletop Adventures’ newest product, Shards of the City (an $11.95 value).

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The Open Gaming Store has an extended Black Friday Sale going on, and Tabletop Adventures is taking part. Products there are a whopping 40% off until Monday night, Nov. 30th! Not only that, but all the Bundle products have been included in this sale - the 40% discount is on top of the already discounted bundle prices, making these items practically a steal. Run, don't walk, over to the Open Gaming Store and snatch up a handful of products while these amazing prices last!

The Open Gaming Store is affiliated with d20pfsrd and other related SRD sites, such as the Traveller, Swords & Wizardry, and Mutants and Masterminds SRDs. Support open gaming (and game publishers in general) with your purchases at the Open Game Store.

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It’s Black Friday – the Overlord’s favorite day of celebrating gloom, despair and chaos! In all your Black Friday shopping, don’t forget the Overlord’s Birthday Sale. This 30% off sale is going on through Monday at several electronic RPG stores, including the one at Paizo:

This year, Friday the 13th is your lucky day! The Overlord of Tabletop Adventures has his birthday in November and this year he’s starting his party early – on Friday the 13th! The minions invite you to join in celebrating the birthday of their ‘beloved’ Overlord: all Tabletop Adventures products will be on sale at a 30% discount, from November 13th through the 30th.

Now is the perfect time to pick up any Tabletop Adventures products you are missing, or try something a little different. Get support for your science fiction game with the Destinations series, or Into the Future: Derelict Starships. Creep into some modern horror with Against the Darkness (a Vatican horror roleplaying game) or the descriptions in Halls of Horror. Give one of our Deck O’ Names name generators a try – they are fun and useful for future, modern, fantasy, or Asian campaigns.

Running a fantasy game? Let Bits of the Boulevard bring life to your city, introduce a unique NPC from Shards of the Heart (3.5 or PFRPG), or add a little magic with our Bits of Magicka series. Last but not least, don’t miss any of the fantasy terrain descriptions in the Bits of Darkness or Bits of the Wilderness series. Augment your imagination with products from Tabletop Adventures!

Do not fail to take advantage of the Overlord’s generosity! Slackers are likely to find themselves in the oubliette, which is not a nice place to spend the winter. Tabletop Adventures’ electronic products are on sale now at the Open Gaming Store at,, Warehouse 23, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow.

Any Game, Any Time – Tabletop Adventures.

(Links in the comments.)

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“Ninja Nights,” the 21st Warlock’s Journal Contest, has concluded. The fan favorite location for a ninja was “The Eye of the Worm,” written by Mixu Lauronen. Mixu received a $15 gift certificate to RPGNow and DriveThruRPG as a prize, courtesy of Tabletop Adventures.

Congratulations to Mixu Lauronen, and our thanks to all the entrants, for providing some excellent dark locations for ninjas. You can download the final version of “Ninja Nights” (with all the authors recognized, and some color illustrations added) at the Tabletop Adventures website (, or as a free product at RPGNow or DriveThruRPG.

If you are interested in the October 2015 Warlock’s Journal contest, you can find the information at the Tales of a GM blog (

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Voting is open for "Ninja Nights," the Warlock's Journal contest #21. You can get a free copy of the voting document from the Tabletop Adventures website, or RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. Read through the 11 creative entries and then express your opinion on the best location for a ninja!

Voting is done through SurveyMonkey; a link to the voting survey is in the introduction of the document. It closes at midnight on Wednesday, September 23. At last check, there was a six-way tie for the #1 position, so get your vote in now and help decide the winner!

The voting document is available from the front page of the Tabletop Adventures website:

You can also download it as a free product from RPGNow or DriveThruRPG. If you use this method, you will automatically have access to the final version, which will include the announcement of the prize winner.

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News Flash! It's a Flash Friday Sale on the Open Gaming Store! For a little less than 12 hours, "Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Mountains" will be on sale at 60% off its regular price - putting it at less than $4! (We need to find something to write here that doesn't use an exclamation point!)

"Into the Mountains" is a system-neutral book of descriptions of mountains. It has everything from flowered meadows to slopes of loose rock which are just avalanches waiting to happen. One hundred descriptions are general and could be dropped in almost anywhere; another 60 cover special locations or circumstances such as weather or seasons. Articles on types of real-world mountains - wriiten by an ecologist - help GMs give a realistic feel to their game worlds.

Grab this great resource now and introduce the majesty and danger of the mountains to your game. Tabletop Adventures - Buy it Today, Play it Tonight!
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