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hello, while I can appreciate your frustration with a premier location based out of Pflugerville you attached your review to my company.
My company has nothing to do with the branch you have issue with.
So what you are doing to my business can be classed as slander. Please remove these comments as they are unjust and incorrect to the business you have attached them too.
I suggest if you have issue with the business you listed below then you write a review about them and attach it to them.

I may have to pursue legal advice if you don't remove this comment from my page.

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You reviewed a business in Pflugerville and attached it  to OUR business. While we share the same business name, we are NOT that location and do not run the after school program you are talking about.
While I sympathize with your predicament with them, posting it on our google reviews is unfair and incorrect.
We encourage you to remove this review and attach to the business you actually have a complaint with.
Going forward we may have to take legal action as this is slander, unjustified and is not an accurate reflection of OUR Round Rock Business.

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Hi Cassandra,

We are the PMA location in Round Rock and independently run and not owned in any way by the Pflugerville location.
I appreciate you mentioning that the review is for them but since you have added to my business address it has affected my ranking and review.
Could you please remove the comments listed from our review and post it to the correct location.
I'm sorry for your negative experience and hope you are able to resolve it in a satisfactory manner.
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