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This lawyer knows best

+Mitch Jackson is one of the best Internet thought leaders and provider of educational nuggets on digital media. He has also graciously written the Foreword to my next book. :) Check out his Spreecasts.
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Still with the editor. They talked about having it ready before summer. About to pitch another one to them -- on business cyberbullying.
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A great post +Michael Nuccitelli.

I like the idea that Italy has: "A person can be imprisoned for saying something about another person that everyone knows is true."
U.S. planning to abandon its role in regulating the Internet in 2015.
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Love it. I'm bookmarking it and curating it.
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Cyberbullying Isn't Just A Schoolyard Problem

Businesses and adults across the globe are also targets of those (whether they have been wronged or not) whose sole purpose for being is to ruin someone's reputation.

We see it every day -- in YouTube and article comments -- terrible untruths, language, and outright bullying behavior. While it may seem to be a societal epidemic (although there can be some aspect of mob mentality) I refuse to believe this is the norm rather than the exception. Just look in your Google Plus, Facebook, and other network feeds as an example. Although if you have these trolls commenting, maybe you need to pick better circles.

As the economy tanked in 2009, a lot of people (and you don't have to look far down a West Phoenix, Arizona street or one in Anytown, the World to see its result) were faced with financial hardship. Some had lost their jobs. If they were entrepreneurs, they had to reinvent their jobs -- if they even had a client base left who wanted their services. At the same time, a new economy -- a digital economy started to entrench on traditional industries.

Needless to say, a lot of people thus ended up owing a lot of money. 

Sometimes, a person might see a glimmer of hope in their situation, and truly believe they will be able to make amends -- pay back everything they owe. They don't file for bankruptcy because that also requires money they don't have, so the collection calls continue and then the judgments appear.

Some creditors are sensitive to the fact that they, too, are on some shaky ground, so their persistence, even through a collection agency, is not as hard-nosed as others. But then you'll get the odd one who decides to make it so that you WON'T be able to repay your debt or maybe any one else's. They physically and mentally take the time and effort to create a web page for the sole purpose of destroying your business. But guess what? It is ILLEGAL. Check into US or Canadian collection and cyberbullying/cyberlibel laws and you will see that a conviction of such an action can mean up to five years in jail!

Cybercrimes are new to our police forces -- some don't even know what it is yet. So only a few departments have the manpower and knowledge in pursuing such a case. Still, getting a police report case file will help you should you choose to file a libel suit down the road. Then you document everything with screenshot.

You'll have a lot of people who believe the post -- even those who know you -- and will judge you for it. But a lot of people, especially the ones who see the rest of your online activity, and the fact that this bully stands alone, will support you and still offer you referrals.

Cyberbullying doesn't just affect school kids and celebrities anymore. It seeks out your neighbor.  

#collectionagenciesact #debtcollectorsact   #cyberbullying   #cyberbullyingandthelaw   #debbieelicksen   #businesscyberbullying  
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Debbie Elicksen

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+Rasta novascotiarasta that is one spoiled cat. :) 
The kids can't wait for summer again, so they can go back to the beach.
Kool Cats #Caturday  
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There is actually two cats. The Alpha Male (Mom) at the front, and the feral female at the back that he raised.  He is a Maine Coon, big 25 pound cat that is overly affectionate, a real nurse too. She is a creepy little nuisance at times, but since she was too tiny to be alone, he adopted her. She will always have feral in her, born outside, but seems to adapt nicely with his help. She hides behind him for protection. Together, they are over 40 pounds now, too heavy to carry, and will not wear a collar or leash, so they have a stroller and extra large dog kennel to travel with us.
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Debbie Elicksen

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If this is true about Alzheimer's, then I feel better.

My friend Harvey Kirkland sent me this link. 

"If you can put this puzzle together. You can say goodbye to Alzheimer's! This is really clever and a bit challenging. As we older people are concerned with Alzheimer's disease, this puzzle may help dispel some fear. It's easy to put together if you are not affected by Alzheimer's disease, but impossible to do for someone with the disease.  

"Give it a try. If this puzzle is particularly difficult for you, then your
physician can offer you additional testing to check you for Alzheimer's. Just remember, if you can put this puzzle together , you do not have to fear Alzheimer's!  A really neat puzzle!" 

#Alzheimers   #puzzle  
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Business Cyberbullying Resource

I just opened a new website for Cyber Crimefighting. It is a resource to help survivors of cyber libel, defamation, and business cyberbullying thrive.  

#cybercrimefighter   #cybercrimefighting   #cyberbullying   #businesscyberbullying   #cyberlibel   #defamation  
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Do I really have to say anything else? 

#whodoesntloveminions   #minionsrule  
Get early access! #MinionRide & Transformers will be open 30 minutes before the rest of the park, now through April 20!
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Entertainment at its best.

“A lot of these isolated communities have no access to film and for me it’s an honour to be able to bring them first-run movies now, as opposed to them waiting a month later,” says Beach, noting it offers families a night out together as well as a way for different reserves to mingle.

Adam Beach is the quintessential community builder. Exposing remote communities like this -- you never know who you are going to inspire to greatness.

#entertainmentnews   #adambeach   #movies   #film   #community   #nativecommunities   #firstnations   #filmandtv   #aboriginalfilmmakers   #popupfilmtheatres  

Film and TV star Adam Beach hopes bringing films to First Nations reserves will help unify families and inspire a new generation of aboriginal filmmakers.
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This really is a cool story.

No doubt even a small percentage of online gambling funds could be used for a lot of good.
This is old news, but it's kind of a cool story. The online gambling industry was issued a challenge from the Calvin Ayre Foundation to pony up relief funds after a devastating storm in the Philippines. 

#gamingphilanthropy   #philanthropy   #gambling   #onlinegambling   #calvinayrefoundation   #philippines   #relieffunds  
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Over the years, I have worked with and interviewed numerous media and celebrities, such as Stan Fischler (The Hockey Maven), Wayne Gretzky, Jarome Iginla, Mario Lemieux, Marcus Camby, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Kelly Hrudey, The Doobie Brothers, Dante Bichette, to name a few. I have appeared in many local, national, and international media programs, such as The Vicki Gabereau Show, NHL Network, MSG Network, and Sports Channel America, to name a few. 
I co-host the Virtual Newsmakers with Cynthia K. Seymour. It is a weekly webcast featuring interesting people who are using innovative ways to bridge traditional and digital communications. Some of our guest include thought leaders in digital media communications, such as Erik Qualman, Chris Brogan, Martin Shervington, Dave Carroll (United Breaks Guitars), Tony Dyson (creator of R2D2), and three-time Olympian Steve Mesler.

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All right, it may not be the swankiest place in town, and it's probably not wise to walk down McDowell after dusk, but hey, it's a roof. I found management and staff to be quite attentive and helpful and the housekeeper was very nice. No, it's not a four-star motel. I did bring my own blankets, pillow, kitchen utensils, and towels, and I cleaned it myself during the week (my room is probably the cleanest in the place). You do get what you pay for but it gave me a roof when I needed one, and the nearby Food City is pretty reasonable...or you can hop the bus #51 north to the El Super and Walmart, or the #17 east on McDowell (through an even scarier part of town so don't dress up or wear any jewelry or clothing that makes you stand out) to the Safeway and Chase bank on 7th.
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Where do I begin? I needed an SUV (2005 Chevrolet Equinox with over 200,000 kilometers) to go to Arizona and rented this vehicle for 6 which I paid for the 6-day rental plus extra insurance. When the owner showed my friend and me the vehicle, the check engine light was on and would not turn off. He said it was nothing to worry about. I asked him about it 3 times in front of my friend and same story. I even asked for a van instead and the owner ignored me. The vehicle was also horribly dirty inside the cab and the engine was caked with mud. We needed a vehicle, so we took the owner at his word on the check engine light (sensor issue) and headed out. It drove all right all the way south and after a couple of days, while I stayed longer, my friend drove the SUV back to Calgary. He got 10 miles outside of Nephi, Utah and it broke down. It was about 10:30 at night and he had to call a tow truck, which we paid $145 to have it towed to Nephi to have it assessed in the morning. The mechanic said the air filter had never been installed properly from the last service and it was jarred loose. We paid $80 to have that replaced. Then the mechanic discovered the reason for the engine light -- the 2nd cylinder trip code was shot. That would have been a $6000 bill in Calgary, but this mechanic said he would do it for $2,000 or offer to buy the vehicle from the rental company. The owner of the rental company said he would talk to the mechanic. I think what happened is he learned his insurance wouldn't cover it because it had broken down and wasn't in an accident. He actually said it would have been better if we crashed it. Then he tried to make us responsible for it. I also had to fly my friend back to Calgary from Salt Lake City because the rental company offered no other alternative transportation, other than trying to force us to tow it back to Calgary. Then he tried to say we violated the agreement, but didn't say how. We did everything to inform him about the vehicle once we assessed what was wrong with it. The owner also took it upon himself to double charge me exact amount of the rental and extra insurance on my credit card, which I had to leave an imprint of when I picked up the vehicle. He also took it upon himself to try and take out another $1000 off the same card. The credit card company reversed those charges, and a few weeks later, when he kept waiting for me to have the vehicle transported (or sell it to the mechanic -- even though it is not my vehicle to sell), he tried to take another $2500 off my credit card. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! I did contact a lawyer, who unfortunately was no help because even though she said she would, she was too busy to even send him a letter. The vehicle still sits in Nephi, as far as I know, and hell will freeze over before I pay him another red dime. When I calculate the mileage versus what I paid extra for the tow, filter, and flight, the owner owes ME.
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