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Debbie Elicksen

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You're better off plucking a number out of the air but geez, how many live and die by these numbers.

#election   #electionpolls   #preelectionpolls  
The next time you see an election poll result, think about this blog entry. It's all smoke and mirrors and the sampling is less than a conference room dinner.
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Debbie Elicksen

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The Seven Psychopaths is a fun action comedy about an umemployed screenwriter who sees his fiction script come to life with the help of his best friend.
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Debbie Elicksen

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If you're a decent writer and have a blog, here is a Facebook group page you can use for an extra share. The only stipulation is that you be a good member of the community and like and comment on other posts. I like the administrator. She seems like good people.  

#blogging   #blogshare   #blog  
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Debbie Elicksen

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A huge company taking on more than it can chew, a massive database of customers relying on secure digital transactions, and a disgruntled tech employee. Not a good combination.

#amazon   #internetsecurity   #technology  
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This after the scathing report of how the company treats its employees...what could go wrong in this digital age?
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Debbie Elicksen

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Kudos to Fargo Police for not staying stuck in old school technology.

#policelivestreaming   #periscope  
Have you been pulled over lately? You could possibly see yourself live on Periscope.
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Debbie Elicksen

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Office humor. Love this channel.

#manintheboxshow   #humor   #comedy  
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Debbie Elicksen

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#ahs   #americanhorrorstory   #hotel   #ladygaga  
It’s not every day you get a cold call from Lady Gaga, even when you’re Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story). “I was at a construction site...
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Debbie Elicksen

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You really don't want to know how many hack attempts you receive every day, but you need to know. Here is hoping you've been wearing protection on the Web.

#hackattempts   #websites   #internetsecurity  
Turning on the notifications in your Internet security software exposes you to what you don't want to know about your website. The number of hack attemps are crazy.
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Debbie Elicksen

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It's not too bad. I like Dong-gun Jang in this.

#notearsforthedead   #movies   #moviereview  
No Tears for the Dead offers up great action despite moments of disbelief. Dong-gun Jang pulls off the complicated divide in his character's emotions.
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Debbie Elicksen

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I'm not sure if this is the funniest clip on YouTube, but it's damn close.

#carolburnettshow   #timconway   #elephantstory  
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Debbie Elicksen

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+William E Spicer thanks for this fantastic share. Even bookmarked this. Worth going back to.
Imagine Reading Through Tons of Blog Comments and Loving Every Minute of It - Immensely Social via @lorihil
Are you struggling to get blog comments on your posts? Struggle no more with these 7+ tips...
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Content Creator, Social Media Publicist, Transmedia Producer and Strategist, Public Relations, Publishing. Inspire, Connect, Consult. To Empower Others To Find Their Voice.

Debbie Elicksen has over 20 years of direct media experience, including working in television, print, radio, and Internet media. She has written and published 11 books, including three with Self-Counsel Press: Business Cyberbullying; Publishing & Marketing in the Digital Age; Self-Publishing 101 (bestseller). Besides her own books, she has edited, ghosted, and project managed over 100 books; edited and project managed over 100 annual reports; edited and project managed the creation and revamp of numerous websites; and she has been published internationally in traditional and digital articles, newspapers, newsletters, and blogs.

Debbie has been a professional sportswriter and covered the National Hockey League for over 20 years for several publications, including, Sportsticker, and Fischler Sports Service. Having worked in both amateur and professional sports administration, she is the first woman to ever headman a football conference in Canada and was also the Public Relations Director for a California Angels Triple A team. She has worked directly with a number of high profile athletes, including Jarome Iginla, Gordie Howe, Dante Bichette, Hurricane Carter, and more.

Along with Cynthia K. Seymour, Debbie created and hosts Virtual Newsmakers, an Internet web show that interviews thought leaders and those who are bridging traditional and digital communications. Guests have included R2D2 Creator Tony Dyson, U.S. Olympic bobsleigh gold medalist Steve Mesler, author and co-host of the Fat Doctors Braxton Cosby, and Internet thought leaders: Erik Qualman, Chris Brogan, and Martin Shervington, to name a few.

Debbie has worked both in front and behind the traditional and digital microphone strategizing, producing, and managing media, public relations, and marketing campaigns. She has also been a member of the Canadian Association of Professional speakers and has delivered keynotes, facilitation, and training to schools, universities, teachers’ conferences, speaking associations, and career development organizations.

Debbie fought back against her own cyberbully by authoring a book (Business Cyberbullies) and creating to empower adult targets of cyberbullies.

She also has a coffee distributorship where you can change your health by changing your coffee:

NOTE: Without exception, all trolls and cyberbullies will be banned, blocked, and may be reported.

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