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The Tragically Hip At the Hundredth Meridian
The Tragically Hip concert broadcast live on CBC There were over 11 million Canadians gathered around a boxed campfire on a Saturday night, otherwise known as a live television broadcast. While it was during an Olympic Games, it wasn't for hockey, which wou...
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Debbie Elicksen

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Munich (2005) is based on the true story behind the headline of the 11 murdered Israeli athletes in Munich during the 1972 Olympic Summer Games. Stephen Spielberg directs this commanding drama. Tony Kusher and Eric Roth wrote the screenplay that stemmed out of the book by George Jonas.

A secret crew of assassins led by Avner (Eric Bana) are assigned by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (Lynn Cohen) to find and kill the Palestinian terrorist group Black September who were responsible for the murders. They are to leave no trace as to who they are or who they work for.

For more, including the powerful trailer, click the link below.

#munich   #movies   #1972OlympicSummerGames   #murderedathletes   #moviereview   #ericbana  
Munich is about the true story of the hunt for those who killed the 11 murdered Israeli athlete during the 1972 Olympic Summer Games. Starring Eric Bana.
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Debbie Elicksen

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These #VanillaVisaCards are worthless pieces of junk. I had loaded $200 on this one to use to buy a tablet. Was able to fortunately buy the tablet, but not the remaining $25. I have another card with the same issue. Don't ever buy this #prepaidvisacard. Go ahead and Google Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card and you will see a consumer report with over 350 complaints. It's a ripoff scheme at its best.

Instead, use PayPower or the Walmart Visa Reloadable prepaid cards. The PayPower is a pain in the ass for me as it won't accept Interac reloads, meaning I have to go find a Safeway where they sell the actual reloadable cards and hope they haven't sold out. The Walmart card is only in the U.S. (I can't find it in Canada). PayPower is in both U.S. and Canada. The only time I've had the PayPower decline is when I didn't factor in enough for the U.S./Canada exchange on a purchase.

Stay the hell away from the other store bought prepaid #visacards.

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Debbie Elicksen

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Nowhere Safe
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. That is the problem with the ease at which the Internet and all of its tools can play into the hands of those who seek revenge and incite mob mentality.  Bullies bully to make themselves feel like they are more ...
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Debbie Elicksen

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Hey, Kid? What's App?
Alternate messaging apps are a fantastic tool, convenient and easy to use, but they are also a pedophile's dream.  WhatsApp, Snapchat, KIK ... these and other messaging apps have become a mainstay in the daily lives of both adults and children. The chat/bro...
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Debbie Elicksen

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Writer Tess Thorne (Maria Bello) goes out of town for a speaking engagement. When she gets ready to leave, the event organizer Ramona Norvell (Ann Dowd) programs a shortcut home on her GPS, saying the drive is more scenic, too. The road is remote and she runs over tire spikes, which put her in a dead zone for a phone signal and human contact. A fellow named Lester (Will Harris) stops and pretends to help her but rapes her instead. Then once he thinks he’s killed her, as she plays dead, he drags her to a culvert to dump her with a collection of dead bodies.

For more, click the link below. If you like our reviews, subscribe to our RSS feed in the website widget.

#movies   #moviereview   #ourmovietalk   #bigdriver   #stephenking   #mariabello  
Big Driver is based on the Stephen King book where a writer is raped and left for dead on the way home, but then goes back to seek revenge.
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Debbie Elicksen

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The World Is Inside Your Computer
Ninety-two is a pretty big number. That is the percentage of consumers who trust peer recommendations over advertising . Because we are all interconnected worldwide by our computing devices, someone in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina can network with someone ju...
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Debbie Elicksen

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It could happen to anyone. That is what makes Changing Lanes (2002), written by Chad Taylor and Michael Tolkin such a compelling story. The moral of the screenplay is, your reaction determines your future.

Lawyer Gavin Banek (Ben Affleck) and Doyle Gipson (Samuel L. Jackson), a father fighting for visitation rights, get into an accident on the freeway. Both are in the same kind of hurry.

For more, click the link below.

#movies   #benaffleck   #samuelljackson   #ourmovietalk   #moviereview   #changinglanes  
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Debbie Elicksen

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The story centers around John Miller, who is kind of an American jerk. He shelters in a church with a group of school girls and prostitutes. But he is forced to find his humanity when Japanese soldiers try to brutalize and rape the school girls, as the prostitutes hide in the cellar. A single brave surviving Chinese soldier manages to take out an entire Japanese regiment on his own to buy the people in the church some time. The prostitutes and Miller choose to sacrifice their lives to save these school girls from the Japanese.

For more, including the powerful trailer, click the link below.

#flowersofwar   #movies   #christianbale   #ourmovietalk  
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Debbie Elicksen

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The most stunning image I've seen today.
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Digital and Media Publicist. Marketing and Transmedia Strategist. Writer.

Debbie Elicksen has many years' experience as a project manager, direct client service, and created and maintained project schedules -- especially with regards to publications and websites in an agency environment and in the private sector.

Her strengths are writing, editing, and digital media strategist/manager. She writes blog posts, articles, emails, proposals, and social content to fit any medium. She knows what to share, how to share, and when to share. She is able to manage multiple projects and platforms and is a natural networker. She also teaches others how to adapt to digital media and help them get comfortable using the tools that will guide them to creating their best digital footprint.

When it comes to digital media, she walks the talk. She has a good collective following in her digital networks, a strong tweetreach, and a Klout score from 65 to 67.

Her understanding of media basics and concepts are at an expert level. She has had many years experience both in front and "behind a camera" in video, print, and audio. She wrote advertising features for over five years for the Calgary Herald and Source Media, and covered the National Hockey League as a sportswriter. Keeping abreast of industry trends in media is a regular task.

Her resume is best found on LinkedIn: and you can find links to her digital networks on the Google+ About page. 

There are three current blogs that showcase some of her writing skills:


Debbie has been a professional sportswriter and covered the National Hockey League for over 20 years for several publications, including, Sportsticker, and Fischler Sports Service. Having worked in both amateur and professional sports administration, she is the first woman to ever headman a football conference in Canada and was also the Public Relations Director for a California Angels Triple A team. She has worked directly with a number of high profile athletes, including Jarome Iginla, Gordie Howe, Dante Bichette, Hurricane Carter, and more.

Virtual Newsmakers.

Along with Cynthia K. Seymour, Debbie has created and hosted Virtual Newsmakers, an Internet web show that interviews thought leaders and those who are bridging traditional and digital communications. Guests have included R2D2 Creator Tony Dyson, U.S. Olympic bobsleigh gold medalist Steve Mesler, author and co-host of the Fat Doctors Braxton Cosby, United Breaks Guitar singer/songwriter Dave Carroll, and Internet thought leaders: Erik Qualman, Chris Brogan, and Martin Shervington, to name a few.


Debbie has worked both in front and behind the traditional and digital microphone strategizing, producing, and managing media, public relations, and marketing campaigns. She has been a member of the Canadian Association of Professional speakers and has delivered keynotes, facilitation, and training to schools, universities, teachers’ conferences, speaking associations, and career development organizations.

Business Cyberbullies.

Debbie fought back against her own cyberbully by authoring a book (Business Cyberbullies) and creating to empower adult targets of cyberbullies. 


She also has a coffee distributorship where you can change your health by changing your coffee:

NOTE: Without exception, all trolls and cyberbullies will be banned, blocked, and may be reported.

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