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Debbie Elicksen

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Book number 12 has just been published. It's been decades in the making. Stories direct from the servicemen about the mascots they served with.

Available on Kindle:

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Debbie Elicksen

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The Login Ceremony
It’s the one thing about the Internet that drives us all batty: passwords. If you click the wrong keystroke, nothing happens. Platforms are also becoming more and more insistent that users create more complicated passwords — all the better to protect you wi...
It’s the one thing about the Internet that drives us all batty: passwords. If you click the wrong keystroke, nothing happens. Platforms are also becoming more and more insistent that users create more complicated passwords —...
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Debbie Elicksen

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Spending the weekend on Kindle, but not how you think.

My keyboards are smoking from re editing and formatting three of my sports books for Kindle on Amazon. Also added Future Prospects and Positive Sports. Tomorrow I'll add my lacrosse book, and then start penning the follow up to this one below.

This one is just live now and available on all the different country sites.

#books   #publishing   #ebooks   #kindle   #sports   #hockey  
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Debbie Elicksen

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Software From Hell
There is a lot of great software out there, along with user-friendly and necessary apps.  Sometimes it isn’t always the free downloads that do it. Your paid programs can also become software from hell, launching an all-out attack of freeware, adware, and Go...
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Debbie Elicksen

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Debbie Elicksen

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+Cynthia K Seymour and I are excited to have Keith Jackson on the show this Saturday. He is probably the most qualified individual to talk about all things Internet.

#cloudcomputing   #keithljackson   #virtualnewsmakers   #govcloudnetwork  
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Debbie Elicksen

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I admit that I watched the movie La Femme Nikita (1990) in reverse order. Being such a fan of the TV show (1997 to 2001 and five stars), it was hard not to compare everything to it. I thought the new Nikita television series (2010 to 2013) fell short by miles and was one-star material. This movie, however, held its own.

Directed and written by Luc Besson, the movie La Femme Nikita is about a drug addicted woman who, with her gang of thug friends, gets involved with a robbery gone bad. Nikita (Anne Parillaud) is the lone survivor of the mess and shoots a policeman in cold blood. She is sentenced to life in prison and ends up in an unusual cell, where she is offered a new identity to become a government assasin.

For more, click the link below.

#lafemmenikita #movies #strongfemalecharacter 
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Debbie Elicksen

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We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) is a chilling psychological drama. Tilda Swinton plays Eva Khatchadourian, a mother who has trouble bonding with her son Kevin, both inside and outside the womb. She goes through the motions, but is not really living. Her son grows into a psychopath and practices mentally torturing Eva, while at the same time, treating his father Franklin (John C. Reilly) with love and affection. After Kevin kills his father and sister, then goes to his school intent on shooting his fellow students with arrows, Eva bears his sins from the public. Nobody in town wants anything to do with her. And yet, no one would listen to her when she tried to tell them he was evil. If they did, it was too late.

For more, including the trailer, click the link below.

#psychologicalthriller   #dramamovies   #movies   #tildaswinton  
We Need To Talk About Kevin is a chilling psychological drama about a boy that is born a psychopath. Tilda Swinton plays the role of her life.
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Debbie Elicksen

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Twenty-one medals, including 17 gold, two Olympic gold, and six World gold — the longest serving captain (2001 to 2006) of Canada’s National Women’s Team is making as many headlines now as she did during her playing years.

Cassie Campbell retired from the ice in 2006. It didn’t take long before the television stations snatched her up as an analyst. Her knowledge and authoritative voice soon opened the door to the Mecca of Canadian hockey broadcasting: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. On October 14, 2006, she was the first woman to color commentate on Hockey Night in Canada.

For more of my past interview with #CassieCampbell , click the link below.

#femalehockey   #womenshockey   #hockey   #icehockey   #nationalwomenshockeyteam  
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Debbie Elicksen

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It was February 6, 2007. Peter and I sat next to each other in front of his locker, alone in the Chicago Blackhawks dressing room in Calgary after his morning skate. All the other media and players had left the building. Only the equipment manager was there, tidying up for that night’s game against the Calgary Flames. Peter retired the following season.

His interview is reflective of why I like talking to European players about their experiences. I find it hard to put myself into their place — going to a foreign land where you don’t know the language, culture, or environment. How do you communicate, let alone play a professional sport at the level that is expected?

For more, click the link below.

#peterbondra   #nhl   #hockey   #interview  
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It was February 6, 2007. Nice day +Debbie Elicksen
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Debbie Elicksen

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If any movie can be called a masterpiece, director Oliver Stone‘s JFK (1991) certainly qualifies. Stone also wrote the screenplay with Zachary Sklar.

New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) uncovers enough evidence to further investigate the State of Louisianna’s connections to the John Fitzgerald Kennedy murder. Not buying the story of the Warren Commission, what he learns three years after the shooting is there was a conspiracy theory showing that if a government perpetrates war, it keeps everyone’s pockets lined. The JFK assassination was a coup d’état carried out by fanatical and disciplined cold warriors. The conspiracy reached as high as the White House. Secret memos were destroyed and other documents were not allowed to be released to the public from the National Archives until 2038.

For more, including the trailer, click the link below.

#jfk   #johnfitzgeraldkennedy   #movies   #conspiracytheories   #oliverstone   #kevincostner  
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Digital and Media Publicist. Marketing and Transmedia Strategist. Writer.

Debbie Elicksen has many years' experience as a project manager, direct client service, and created and maintained project schedules -- especially with regards to publications and websites in an agency environment and in the private sector.

Her strengths are writing, editing, and digital media strategist/manager. She writes blog posts, articles, emails, proposals, and social content to fit any medium. She knows what to share, how to share, and when to share. She is able to manage multiple projects and platforms and is a natural networker. She also teaches others how to adapt to digital media and help them get comfortable using the tools that will guide them to creating their best digital footprint.

When it comes to digital media, she walks the talk. She has a good collective following in her digital networks, a strong tweetreach, and a Klout score from 65 to 67.

Her understanding of media basics and concepts are at an expert level. She has had many years experience both in front and "behind a camera" in video, print, and audio. She wrote advertising features for over five years for the Calgary Herald and Source Media, and covered the National Hockey League as a sportswriter. Keeping abreast of industry trends in media is a regular task.

Her resume is best found on LinkedIn: and you can find links to her digital networks on the Google+ About page. 

There are three current blogs that showcase some of her writing skills:


Debbie has been a professional sportswriter and covered the National Hockey League for over 20 years for several publications, including, Sportsticker, and Fischler Sports Service. Having worked in both amateur and professional sports administration, she is the first woman to ever headman a football conference in Canada and was also the Public Relations Director for a California Angels Triple A team. She has worked directly with a number of high profile athletes, including Jarome Iginla, Gordie Howe, Dante Bichette, Hurricane Carter, and more.

Virtual Newsmakers.

Along with Cynthia K. Seymour, Debbie has created and hosted Virtual Newsmakers, an Internet web show that interviews thought leaders and those who are bridging traditional and digital communications. Guests have included R2D2 Creator Tony Dyson, U.S. Olympic bobsleigh gold medalist Steve Mesler, author and co-host of the Fat Doctors Braxton Cosby, United Breaks Guitar singer/songwriter Dave Carroll, and Internet thought leaders: Erik Qualman, Chris Brogan, and Martin Shervington, to name a few.


Debbie has worked both in front and behind the traditional and digital microphone strategizing, producing, and managing media, public relations, and marketing campaigns. She has been a member of the Canadian Association of Professional speakers and has delivered keynotes, facilitation, and training to schools, universities, teachers’ conferences, speaking associations, and career development organizations.

Business Cyberbullies.

Debbie fought back against her own cyberbully by authoring a book (Business Cyberbullies) and creating to empower adult targets of cyberbullies. 


She also has a coffee distributorship where you can change your health by changing your coffee:

NOTE: Without exception, all trolls and cyberbullies will be banned, blocked, and may be reported.

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