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Debbie Elicksen

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Debbie Elicksen

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Directed by Antoine Fuqua, Southpaw (2015) is an emotionally-charged drama about Junior Middleweight Boxing Champion Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), whose professional win column sits at 43-0, despite that his last fight went right down to the wire. As impressive as his career has been, his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) begs him to take a break so his body can recover and he can spend more time with his daughter Leila (Oona Laurence). Meanwhile, his nemesis Miguel Escobar (Miguel Gomez), a fellow boxer he hasn’t fought yet, surrounded by his shady entourage, eggs on Billy’s predictable fiery temper at a charity function. A scuffle ensues, Maureen is shot and dies.

For more, including the trailer, click the link below. 

#southpaw   #movies   #jakegyllenhaal   #rachelmcadams  
Southpaw may be Jake Gyllenhaal's best movie to date. This gripping and emotional boxing drama is also a lesson in hope and redemption.
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Debbie Elicksen

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Weaponized Code
Cross-site scripting is used to find weak spots in your Wordpress website. It may come in the comment section dressed up as spam, where the owner inadvertently opens the door to let the robbers in. Here is how easily it can happen. Wordpress upgrades includ...
Cross-site scripting is used to find weak spots in your Wordpress website. It may come in the comment section dressed up as spam, where the owner inadvertently opens the door to let the robbers in. Here is how easily it can h...
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Debbie Elicksen

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Seriously. The fact that this actually exists is the reason for living.

#prince   #ripprince   #lennykravitz   #americanwoman  
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Debbie Elicksen

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Very young indeed +robert mikinka.
This day is turning very sad. First  #Chyna passes and now #Prince . They are leaving us way to young. #RIP
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Debbie Elicksen

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Debbie Elicksen

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On Wednesday, April 20 at 1PM EST (11PM MST), I'll be chatting with Emmy-winning filmmaker +Stephanie J. Castillo on #Blab  about her new #documentary : Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song: The Incandescent Life of a Jazz Great. 

Here is the link to subscribe to and view the broadcast.   

#stephaniejcastillo   #thomaschapinnightbirdsong   #thomaschapin   #jazzmusic  
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Debbie Elicksen

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If you're in #yeg   #edmonton   Saturday, April 30, 2016 and like #jazzmusic , head over to the #yardbirdsuite  for 8:00 PM.

+Stephanie J. Castillo
When +Stephanie J. Castillo read a newspaper obituary about her brother-in-law after he died of leukemia at age 40, she had no idea of the impact he had made in this world. She knew Thomas Chapin was a jazz musician, but the ...
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Debbie Elicksen

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The 1953 black and white classic From Here to Eternity won best picture among its eight Academy Awards. Daniel Taradash wrote the screenplay and it was produced by Bobby Adler.

The story is about a group of soldiers in Hawaii at the cusp of World War II. Robert E. Lee Prewitt (Montgomery Clift) was well-known for his boxing skills. Captain Dana Holmes (Phil Ober) looks forward to him being transferred into his unit and thinks about how well they’ll now do in competition. However, when Prewitt tells him he doesn’t want to box anymore, Holmes does not take it well and orders his men to make life difficult for their new soldier-mate in order to convince him otherwise. Sergeant Milton Warden is sympathetic to Prewitt’s plight but has his own ax to grind when he falls for the Captain’s wife Karen (Deborah Kerr).

For more, including the trailer, click the link below.

#classicmovies   #fromheretoeternity   #burtlancaster   #montgomeryclift   #franksinatra   #movies  
From Here to Eternity is an Oscar-winning classic featuring a superb cast and a well-moving story. Stars Frank Sinatra and Burt Lancaster.
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Debbie Elicksen

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Kill the Messenger (2014) is based on the true story of newspaper reporter Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner), who uncovered the CIA’s guns for drugs program in the 1990s, which ultimately became known as the Iran/Contra scandal.  The money raised from selling cocaine in United States ghettos was used to fund the transactions. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North was a key player who was ultimately prosecuted for his role of using the cash from cocaine sales to move weapons to Iran and fund the Nicaraguan Contras rebel army.

Webb believed in due process but found out that some actions were above the law, especially when it came to government secrets. The story grew too hot, and with his newspaper succumbing to the pressure, it was Webb who ended up on trial.

For more, including the trailer, click the link below.

#killthemessenger   #jeremyrenner   #garywebb   #governmentconspiracy   #irancontra   #movies  
Kill the Messenger is based on the true story of newspaper reporter Gary Webb, who uncovered the CIA's role in the Iran/Contra scandal.
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Debbie Elicksen

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Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song has been invited to screen at the #MontereyJazzFestival on Sunday, Sept. 18 at 4:30 pm at the MJF's Jazz Theater. 

JUST OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED BY THE MONTEREY JAZZ FESTIVAL: "Thomas Chapin and his trio were booked to play MJF the summer of 1997. Chapin, at his pinnacle and still climbing, sadly cancelled after learning he was stricken with leukemia. He died in February 1998. Now, through the film, Thomas Chapin will make it to the MJF and will 'play' almost 20 years later."  Full circle! 

The film's first Canada and first #internationalscreening is set for Saturday, April 30 at 8 p.m. in #Edmonton at #YardbirdSuite.

After Yardbird, the film is off to Europe to screen at the Nice International Film Festival on May 9 (nominated for a Best Story award) and to the #Cannes film market to seek international and Europe distribution. 

We finished the film in January and are already having great success with rave reviews --   "inspiring"..."a masterpiece"..."a coup and tour de force"... "a must see."  Audiences say, "masterful and beautiful work", "a breathtaking film".

#jazz   #music   #thomaschapin  
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Debbie Elicksen

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Cyberbullying = Mental Rape
Candace Cameron Bure said it . She said what many, if not all, targets feel: cyberbullying feels like rape. Digging deeper, Karma of the Poodle  describes mental rape in a Yahoo discussion board as: "... where you are raped of your common knowledge or knowl...
Candace Cameron Bure said it. She said what many, if not all, targets feel: cyberbullying feels like rape. Digging deeper, Karma of the Poodle describes mental rape in a Yahoo discussion board as: "... where you are raped of ...
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Digital and Media Publicist. Marketing and Transmedia Strategist. Writer.

Debbie Elicksen has many years' experience as a project manager, direct client service, and created and maintained project schedules -- especially with regards to publications and websites in an agency environment and in the private sector.

Her strengths are writing, editing, and digital media strategist/manager. She writes blog posts, articles, emails, proposals, and social content to fit any medium. She knows what to share, how to share, and when to share. She is able to manage multiple projects and platforms and is a natural networker. She also teaches others how to adapt to digital media and help them get comfortable using the tools that will guide them to creating their best digital footprint.

When it comes to digital media, she walks the talk. She has a good collective following in her digital networks, a strong tweetreach, and a Klout score from 65 to 67.

Her understanding of media basics and concepts are at an expert level. She has had many years experience both in front and "behind a camera" in video, print, and audio. She wrote advertising features for over five years for the Calgary Herald and Source Media, and covered the National Hockey League as a sportswriter. Keeping abreast of industry trends in media is a regular task.

Her resume is best found on LinkedIn: and you can find links to her digital networks on the Google+ About page. 

There are three current blogs that showcase some of her writing skills:


Debbie has been a professional sportswriter and covered the National Hockey League for over 20 years for several publications, including, Sportsticker, and Fischler Sports Service. Having worked in both amateur and professional sports administration, she is the first woman to ever headman a football conference in Canada and was also the Public Relations Director for a California Angels Triple A team. She has worked directly with a number of high profile athletes, including Jarome Iginla, Gordie Howe, Dante Bichette, Hurricane Carter, and more.

Virtual Newsmakers.

Along with Cynthia K. Seymour, Debbie has created and hosted Virtual Newsmakers, an Internet web show that interviews thought leaders and those who are bridging traditional and digital communications. Guests have included R2D2 Creator Tony Dyson, U.S. Olympic bobsleigh gold medalist Steve Mesler, author and co-host of the Fat Doctors Braxton Cosby, United Breaks Guitar singer/songwriter Dave Carroll, and Internet thought leaders: Erik Qualman, Chris Brogan, and Martin Shervington, to name a few.


Debbie has worked both in front and behind the traditional and digital microphone strategizing, producing, and managing media, public relations, and marketing campaigns. She has been a member of the Canadian Association of Professional speakers and has delivered keynotes, facilitation, and training to schools, universities, teachers’ conferences, speaking associations, and career development organizations.

Business Cyberbullies.

Debbie fought back against her own cyberbully by authoring a book (Business Cyberbullies) and creating to empower adult targets of cyberbullies. 


She also has a coffee distributorship where you can change your health by changing your coffee:

NOTE: Without exception, all trolls and cyberbullies will be banned, blocked, and may be reported.

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