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We are not living in a computer simulation
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jassy is a runtime js to css interpreter that allows you to transform js objects into css on the fly. This allows you to do manipulations on your css in javascript!
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Satoshi Nakamoto is on record arguing that the net benefit of Bitcoin outweighs the electricity cost. And bear in mind that it is distributed electricity costs, much easier to take down and move to a different locality than traditional minting processes. Moreover, "All currencies need a method for regulating the money supply and creating circulation."[0]. So describing it in the sensationalist way as "colossal waste" is misleading at best. I'm not sure how the Guardian could let such bad journalism through. Is the world going to be changed by people like those of The DAO who send texts like this (to Augur): "The DAO was [our] idea, and it’s going to put your b** company out of business." Sure, maybe, but that sounds a lot like the bravado and chauvinism we see from the Old World Order — only now it has a modicum of hate. Why?


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Ɐha Hah (nerdfiles)

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The following short proof shows by epistemic modal analysis that we are not living in a computer simulation.
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My apologies, the available link is
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I recently accidentally walked into a geek party (a safe-haven cyberspace for geeks), which as we all know is anything but "safe". We get…
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Ɐha Hah (nerdfiles)

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Joy. Magnanimity. Tenacity.
If you're ever trapped in a ball pit and the urge to count overwhelms you, imagine that you're on the beach, trapped in the sand.
Bragging rights
I do all my own puns.
  • University of Houston
    Philosophy, 2003 - 2009
Pluggin' stuff and things into the Web.
Python; JavaScript/CoffeeScript; Web Science; Automation (Grunt); BEM/OOCSS; organic CSS; LESS/SASS; AngularJS; Material Design
  • The Coinsultants
    Partner (Candidate), 2015 - 2016
    Technological debt, code cohesion, and defect triage are the pillars of my focus in strategizing around the development and deployment of modern full stack implementations and hypermedia applications. Ethics and technology must never become too increasingly divergent in the growth of human intelligences. My vision is to transition merchants from classical yet restrictive, “patchwork” FinTech to decentralized, privacy-sensitive, generational Friendly permaware that is beneficent to humans.
  • LoveStamp
    CTO, 2014 - 2015
    LoveStamp is a powerful engagement platform for merchants to say thanks to their fans. Activity: Say hi to our team. For double rewards, make a love sign with your hands. We Node.
  • Dun & Bradstreet
    Web Engineer, 2013 - 2014
    Created Grunt recipes/Node.js integration for existing build ecosystem based on Go Build Servers. (e.g., Consuming in-house font icon libraries at build time via grunt-curl.)Built out lightweight Express/Node.js-based local development environment with http-proxy to consume pre-production API endpoints.Set up Karma for Unit Testing. Set up Protractor for E2E testing. Combined RequireJS/r.js, AngularJS (angularAMD), BreezeJS (strictly API consumption, non-Entity Framework), Bootstrap, and Google Maps (with MapClusterer) for a modular and modern-ish mobile front end. (Not Responsive, but focused on a small set of devices; and yes, that tech stack, of which I defended use cases for RequireJS and BreezeJS specifically.)Introduced BEM CSS ideas/concepts to manage Big CSS codebases.Introduced analytical tools like Plato and analyze-css for static analysis of JS and CSS build.Introduced tools to automate CSS sprite creation.Implemented datacontext-dependent D3 graphs (Treemap, Doughnut, etc. charts) for cheap visualization with light interactivity to give insight into arbitrary data sets. (I call this "data painting," basically.)Implemented minimalistic, responsive data tables.Knowledge sharing at semi-weekly UI Stand Up meetings (presenting modern tools like FF's 3D View and its use-cases, etc. or various CLI tools because *nix). Helped craft and conduct developer interview sessions (in-person, live coding, and phone screening).
    Web Architect, 2012 - 2013
    I helped build the first iteration of on vanilla Backbone.js and Python. Heavy Underscore.js use.
  • Waste Management, Inc
    Web Analyst, 2010 - 2011
    Built JavaScript front ends.
  • Reliant Energy
    Web Analyst, 2009 - 2010
    Built JavaScript front ends.Designed a few UIs:
  • Pennebaker
    Web Engineer, 2011 - 2012
    Built JavaScript front ends and Django back ends, being one of them.
    Front End Developer, 2003 - 2005
    Employee Logistics and Management software for, usually, small 24/7 clinic implementations.
  • TerraLedger
    Chief Architect, 2015 - 2016
    Distributed HATEOAS Blockchain-like Application for Geophysical Data Analysis and Management.
  • Schedgmule
    Founder, 2016 - present
    Schedgmule does everything right the first time. Twice. It’s lovely and frightening at the same time. Schedgmule makes it possible to validate your future self. Schedgmule might even take a dismissive fuck for you. With the right conversations, Amazon and Schedgmule could probably launch a fleet of alter-world prostitutes to defeat the United States government. Whatever Schedgmule can do, only Schedgmule can do better. Schedgmule is more like a superhero, akin to the sandwich or the idea of ideas. Schedgmule will save your life.
  • NextTech, Inc.
    R&D Chief, 2016 - present
    Infocology, Infosthetics, Existential Risk Studies, Philosophy of Information, ExPhi, Hypermedia, Blockchains.
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