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Educator and gamer.


Sorry I'm so horrible with updating these pages. Not alot of big things done recently, but alot of little things being done to add some simplification to the game. The most notable is the change of how feats work. 

Instead of a long list of feats which came in at over 150+, players now how a list of around 30 feats which will grant new abilities as the users base stats increase further.

I had heard far too many players get shocked when looking at the feats and it had to be simplified. The process took a moment, but I've already seen the change in simplicity and I think it is for the better.

So I am set as having a Returning GM badge comped for GASPcon, yet I did not meet the deadline for actually signing up any of my sessions. I really want to still run my sessions though if this is at all possible. Please let me know if there is a way to still do this.

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Bowslinger has joined the battle.

Raining down projectiles on his enemies at lighting speed. The bowslinger is a battalion of archers all rolled into one person launching projectiles like a medieval gatling gun.

Doing a lot of slight refinement work on chapters for google docs. Mainly just formatting and adding bookmarks with the help of my friend Katie also adding in sections for example spells to give players a reference of what they can do with spells. This is also helping me to refine the spell casting section for EP costs of different variations. A lot of minor tweeks, but I'm glad to be at the stage where all tweeks are minor and are generally made to make things simpler.

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Bard has joined the battle.

The Bard is not a front man in the battle, but he's always the front man of the show. Bringing his own special brand of performances into the mix to boost his allies with some smooth ballads and serve his enemies with his sick dance moves.

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Kensai has joined the battle.

As the Kensai enters the battlefield her weapon surges with arcane energy. Her weapon is her best friend in the world as she infuses everything she has into it. A weapon is not truly a weapon, until it rests in the hand of the Kensai.

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My wonderful wife +Rachel LaSpada Has started doing up some drawings for me of each of the classes in the game. She's pumping out one a week, so every Sunday there will be a new picture for a new class, with a new brief description of what the class is about. For the first week...

Beastmaster has Joined the Battle!

The Beastmaster class has returned as a playable class. Bringing with him his powerful and unique companion to aid him in crushing his foes. Now with zero restrictions on appearance, cause who doesn't want a polarbear-dog.

Putting in work on the final chapter for my core rulebook, environments. Basically laying out details for various obstacles such as doors, terrains, traps, poisons, and diseases. 

Refining traps was crucial to the ranger, who had a talent which allowed him to fast create traps. This led to a refocus on how the ranger does this. Think of it like the Diablo II trap assassin, if you've played the game. The ranger now builds and lays traps, similar to how a sorcerer builds and casts spells. Can't wait to see that in action.

Finally got back to running my home campaign after several months of time off from the system as a whole. Everything ran well. Only needed a few edits for making EP costs for spellcasting a little more balanced. Glad that it all went well and it seems like all my working on experience rewards and challenge ratings helped out as well.

So I'm massively behind on posting things over here on G+. Got the facebook page up and running, so if you aren't there already, please give it a look and feel free to follow over there as i might not always get things up on both pages. Gonna flood you a little with all that's been going on.
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