GOOG +1... License Plate Edition

So it turns out that the state of California has a way for you to order personalized plates with a variety of symbols, from the ★ to ♥, a hand or my favorite, the +. That's right... you can now add a + sign to your license plate, and not for very much money.

So you know I had to do it, right? Today, I skipped out of work early and headed down to the DMV to pick up my new personalized license plate, GOOG +1. So if you see me driving around the Bay Area, honk and give me the +1 sign, but keep your eyes on the road.

Want your own license plate with a + on it, head to the DMV, Californians, and get started: and if you're not in California, but can add + to YOUR license plate, let me know. It's the start of a movement. I'd +1 that.
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