How To Make the New Google Reader Social With Google+

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Today, Google introduced enhancements to Reader, which bring the ability to share items to Google+, using the +1 button, as well as a great new design. At the same time, the existing friending and following relationship in Reader was retired. While some users are going to find the changes jarring, you can still selectively share content from Reader, but now, with the circles you have built on Google+. I have been using the new Reader for well over a month now, and have found the new model of sharing simple and smart. It’s great to bring the content from within Reader outside to a wider, but selective, audience.

In the place of “Share” and “Share with Note”, the new +1 button in Reader offers a sharebox, integrated with Google+. I select the content I want to share, pick the circles I want to share to, or if I want, share it to the public. Like any other Google+ post, I can also add comments as I share.

In Reader’s previous sharing model, as a follower of your items, I would see every single item you shared, no matter what it was about. Obviously, as I have different interests than you do, not everything you shared was something I cared about, which often led to reduced sharing of off-topic content. Now, you are more in control, so you can share sports items to your sports circles, great recipes with your foodies circle, or local news to family and friends. You can keep sharing, like you always have, but now, you can better select who sees what.

One of the more popular elements of Google Reader’s social model has been conversations inside the network. Now, these conversations can take place on Google+. Also, just as you could reshare items from friends in Google Reader, you can reshare items on Google+. Public posts can be reshared as far or as limited as you like, while +1s to circles can be shared in a limited fashion, as they always have on Google+.

We know that for some people, the changes to Reader will make you think differently about the product, and this may make you seek alternatives. At Google, we believe you own your data, so we continue to offer the ability to export your content, including subscriptions, your friends and followers, and items you’ve starred, liked, notes and items with comments. I bet that after you poke around the new Reader, you’ll like what you find, and I look forward to more great sharing to Google+.
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