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Louis Gray
Googler, Blogger, Dad of 3
Googler, Blogger, Dad of 3

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We Read Too: A Central Resource for Books by People of Color

So much of our literature is authored by white people, written about white characters and intended for white audiences. My friend and soon to be Slack employee +Kaya Thomas has devoted effort to create an incredible resource of books with POC as main characters by authors of color. Kaya is an exceptional mind I am delighted to know, and I am more than happy to back this initiative. Join with me.

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Chromebooks Continue to Make Headway in Education

"In 2016, Chromebooks accounted for 58 percent of the market, up from 50 percent in 2015."

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YouTube TV: Yes please!

This is a launch I've been waiting for and am eager to see. The major things I watch on TV are sports and excellent programming from Showtime and others. Looks like on day one they pretty much have 90% of what I need set. Ready for this. Nice work +Stephen Lau and team!

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The California Storms Could Quickly Turn to Floods

This is not a drill. If you are in Northern or Central California, check this article out and be ready to move quick if you need to.

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We ran into a dog today with even less chill than Lucy.
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Unfiltered.News -- A Jigsaw Project

If you think your streams are too one sided or filtered, check out Unfiltered.News from the Jigsaw team. It quickly highlights news from the world not being covered in your location. You can change the date to see historical results, or drill down into any topic with an unfiltered view of news in Google News' database.

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Hello Florida! Nice day here.
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Your Steady Stream of Tech News Will Continue When Morale Improves

"I've already seen people yearn for the good old days when we could debate data portability, site aggregation, text editors, or even which mobile OS is the best. But at a time when people's lives are at risk, and foundations we expected to be stable are proving themselves unstable, having a row about the latest geek gadget seems out of place."

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An Update on Google's Support for the Refugee Crisis

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Trump's Looming $100B+ Distraction and Productivity Crisis

Each year, American businesses are confronted with estimates that upwards of $2 to $4 billion in worker productivity is lost thanks to employee office pools around March Madness, the month-long college basketball championship tournament. Conventional wisdom has it that the tens of millions of players may physically check in to the office, but mentally are somewhere else, working at half speed, sapping dollars from their employer.

That single digit billion dollar gap is trivial compared to what the country has likely already seen after a year-long torture test of a presidential campaign, followed up with the looming tenure led by a person whose unpredictability and lack of respect for historical precedent, combined with a filter-free ability to share his half-formed thoughts with the world has everyone guessing what headline will flare up next.
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