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Loved the "Daily Levitation" blog. I'd totally go to this if I was there.

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Question for caretakers of family members: do you use any kind of online tools for keeping track of relevant information and coordinating with others? Things like lists of meds, insurance info, contacts, schedules, and todo lists? I don't mean for medical advice or direct links to insurance sites; I just mean for storing day-to-day info, keeping track of doctors' appointments, keeping a journal, and sharing notes with other people involved in the caretaking. Things I care about include privacy and ease of use for non-techies.

Those of you who are techies: have you had success setting up something like Trac (or Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, FogBugz, etc.) for this purpose? I even wonder if GitHub's primitive issue tracker + wiki would be good enough (I have a paid account, so I can create a private repo -- and I just remembered Bitbucket has free private repos, so maybe that could be an option).

I looked at, which just launched. Currently you can sign up for a free year with support for up to three "caretakees". CareZone is a nice site and I wouldn't mind paying for the service but I'd like to see its features mature a bit. In particular:

* Calendar UI.
* Some sort of reminders. I'm sure many people would like to do this via syncing to iCal, though I don't currently use iCal myself.
* Ability to reorder the todo list.
* Ability to modify dates on journal entries.

Since the founder is a caretaker himself I'm sure some of these features have at least occurred to him but they're not there yet. Part of their challenge will be to keep the site easy to use.

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Wow. Brilliant software demos, thoughts about creativity (you need immediate feedback from the thing you are creating), thoughts about life driven by a principle as opposed to a passion. Nods to Engelbart, Tesler, Kay, Stallman.

The tools he demos remind me of the eggheads I worked with in the BBN Education Department. If only they could have seen these demos back in 1990.

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Slides from Natalie and David's talk at CocoaHeadsNYC.
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