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How can I get access to edit the Community Leadership Summit spreadsheet on G+ so that I can add myself as the wiki suggests? #cls12

I think I figured out what is wrong with my sound output. When it doesn't work, there's a red light visible in the port. This suggests that it is being switched to 'optical reader' mode and naturally it won't work with a non-optical plug. Perhaps something is pressing down on the switch, triggering optical reader mode...a high probability, given the denting in the case and the odd noises the fan has started making in the last month.

I will be starting a new job in October. I wonder if I should expand my existing social media accounts to include information about work, or create new accounts for that purpose, since the role will involve a great deal of communication. It seems to me that only G+ really gives me the option to keep personal/professional streams separate, so I'm leaning toward new accounts. What's your opinion?

I haven't been reading or writing much on any social site lately, but maybe that will change once I get back home. It's not good to focus on online stuff when you're on vacation, right?

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New blog post: Chicken mole with almond-flour 'cornbread' (tagged: chicken, low-carb, main, sugar-free, wheat-free)

Anyone I know in Seattle who might have crash space for me for about a week, around the 2nd/3rd week of September?

Today I hate NS (train service) for making their discount cards pretty much useless by making them invalid during the afternoon rush. Oh, and real sweet how they rushed to implement this while everyone was on vacation! Guess I won't be renewing my card now, seeing as yesterday was the unannounced deadline for getting the old system.

Back from vacation. It's so cold and dreary here. Where's summer?

When I figure out how to send a direct message to someone, I will send you the link to that story, Erica ;)
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