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In just a few days time the new James Bond flick 'Skyfall'' will be opening soon in cinemas all over the world. It will be another global hit and the bond franchise juggernaut will once again celebrate one of Britain's biggest cinematic exports.

I don't want to be a spoiler but what if I told your I'''ve already watched Skyfall. And better still what if I told you that you have too. Nah you may say. But hear me first. Have you ever watched Sinbad. Yes read those tales from the Arabian Nights?  Isn't James Bond the new Sinbad? Just hear me out and you will see it's not too far fetched..

What makes a Sinbad or Bond film - beautiful women, villains, gadgets, exotic places and opulence, a mission and the central themes of Good vs Bad. How is that different from Sinbad's voyages. The beautiful women are always there, the megalomaniacs who want to take over the world are not any different, gadgets have replaced magic and the mission still critical - save the world and sail way with a beautiful lady in your arms. Oh I forget to mention bond and Sinbad are both seamen!

If you’ve not heard the news, now is the time to brace yourself or for the kids to roll out the drums in celebration: There is now popcorn screenings at Hawthorne Theatre!  Some of you may scream ‘Oh No!’ Others may be pleased we’ve finally got one. Yes we know like marmite, you either love it or hate it and we will like to hear from you: What do you think about Popcorn in cinemas?

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