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Success Creation via Marketing + Communications + Technology + Social Media + Creative Content
Success Creation via Marketing + Communications + Technology + Social Media + Creative Content

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NEW BLOG: The Key To Social Media Marketing Success -->

My intervew with Social Media Marketing expert, +Mark Schaefer 
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The remarkable story of how #LEGO has remained relevant in the face of digital disruption - and gone on to become the #1 toy brand in the world. Read all about how the brand resisted the urge to conform, how an 11 year old boy brought them to a moment of truth, and how the company courageously went back to its roots - to fight the forces of digital transformation.
Great post --> How #LEGO engineered a remarkable turnaround of its business |

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"Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted." - Words of wisdom from Leonardo di Caprio, Oscars 2016 winning speech. Nice one, +AJ Kulatunga. Well-deserved win for Leo. His first Oscar. Definitely not his last.
Leadership Lessons from Leonardo Di Caprio

I've never been a big fan of Leonardo Di Caprio until a few years ago when I read a story about how hard he worked to perfect his craft. Then I became obsessed with his performances, each one pushing the envelope just that bit further to achieve a truly amazing performance. He is an incredibly inspirational performer and human being.

Yet he was never recognised by his "peers" at the Academy for his work until today. 

And in a display of true leadership, Leo used the moment to thank everyone around him who helped him to get to where he is today and then shone the light on a larger issue impacting society - climate change.

For those of us in our businesses who are trying so hard by working on the right things day and night and still not achieving the results we desire - sometimes you just need to refocus on what is important to you and keep going and soon enough, the world will come around to your way of thinking.

Keep pimpin the dream Entrepreneurs!


P.S. I write about Business, Motivation and Leadership through the eyes of an Entrepreneur. If you like this post then leave a comment below and I'll add you to my notification circle so you can get more tips and tricks on how to be a better Entrepreneur.

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Awaken the Force Within! This is awesome sauce! +Google  is def'ly getting it's creative mojo back. Two strikes in a row... First, the #googledoodle  celebrating Beethoven's 245th Birthday and now, the #starwars  themed "Choose the Light /  Dark Side" personalized avatars. The Force is definitely re-awakening. Great going, +Sundar Pichai +1000 for 2016 :-)

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A masterpiece doodle via +Google Quite easily, the best of 2015. Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces. Play on! #googledoodle  Amazing digital creative work! #game   #music   #classic   #happybirthday  

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I auditioned with Warner Bros for #MastermindNZ Was fun :)
Thanks #TVNZ and @WBITVP #TV #Quiz #ComingSoon 

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Build Your Business With Google+ Communities - #infographic

- via +Irfan Ahmad, Digital Information World

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From all of us at Otago Polytechnic, Hearty Congrats, Devina Bhola. Nothing gives us (teacher and non-academic staff at +Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus) more pleasure than to see our graduates successfully make their way into the NZ workforce. Our sincere thanks to +Barfoot & Thompson for their support, and once again, we wish you every success on your journey ahead... #OtagoPolyTechnic   #StudyinNZ   #StudyinOP   #NewZealand   #NZ   #student   #internship   #jobs   #career   #ThankYou   #Congrats !

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Ep 2b - SEO Marketing with @MeetMikeMorgan - talented CEO and SEO guru. In @MidgeHand's words, when it comes to SEO / SEM, this guy knows his sh*t :-) #marketingmadness #seo #sem
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