Using this  #showyourdesktopfriday  to show the upcoming Numix Desktop Experience.
Oh an - apart from the wallpaper none of this stuff is real ... just yet.
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Except for the obvious fact that there is no need for an "X" button in the social notifs and that the messaging menu mockup is seriously imperfect to say the least. :)
Oooooh sexy. Do you guys have an idea for desktop swithcing too?
To hell with desktop and workspace switching. We have an idea to group apps and as a result emulating workspaces, but we're not adding anything more than apps management and notifications management.
+Ikey Doherty is there a limitation that it can't be developed for unity as well?
Because if there isn't I can pitch it.
+Georgi Karavasilev I am so happy that you guys are not going for another DE or OS. Seems like every developernow just wants his/her OS out there because of which all the effort is being wasted in re-inventing the wheel.
If that effort goes into developing beautiful apps, improving existing ones we will have a much better eco-system than even windows.
+Ikey Doherty , I completely agree with you. That is why I said, I can pitch in. I would love to have these functionality (especially chat and email feature in indicator) in unity as well. Let me know if you are ok with it and share the code.
BTW, what you see here is due to change, so there might be changes in it in the final developed version.
It is, however don't expect it to be you classic desktop shell, as you can see we've (well ... I've) made some controversial choice (lack of dock and workspaces for example), so be prepared to use something different. 
+Georgi Karavasilev I trust you and Ikey in these matters. Plus there are plenty of "classical desktops" out there, I prefer innovation to be honest.
You know, there is this rule in UI design that different != good, but if there is one thing for which Numix stands for, it is being different and unique in it's own way.
We're bold enough to dare to do stuff people don't dare to and so far it has done us only good.
the developing work on this will start tomorrow, if it all goes according to plan, btw.
+Georgi Karavasilev do you have a decent design for a desktop mail client? I am not able to find a post I saw a while ago where someone post an amazing mail client design, and you commented in it.

I have given up waiting for devs to improve the looks of evolution or thunderbirds and I am now developing a custom skin for Vimbra. 
Apps are a whole different beast and I can honestly say I care not about desktop mail clients as GMail is perfect for me.
So... You said that the only real thing is the wallpaper. Can you provide a link to prove its existence? :D
Looks so neat. The OS shown is luna, I guess. Do you have any guesstimates how long the development could take? 
This is just a bunch of mockups not an OS. How many times do I have to repeat that? :P
(And no, I am no elementary user, I do respect the team behind it a lot, but pantheon is not my cup of tea).
Development is out of my reach, talk with Ikey about it. :)
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