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If You Have to Part, Part as Friends. (We do agreed divorces)
If You Have to Part, Part as Friends. (We do agreed divorces)


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If you are an attorney interested in taking on a military divorce case, or if you are a divorcing spouse of a military member, this video is for you!
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Person Calls My Office and Says He Wants an Uncontested Divorce…
I say “Okay Sir—do you live in San Antonio?”
He says (arrogantly): Look, the residency requirement is met because I have a house address in San Antonio, and my ID card says San Antonio.

(By the third line of conversation with this person, I already wanted to argue with him about jurisdiction law, but I refrained)

Instead of educating him on domicile rules, I lightly ask: “Does your wife live here in San Antonio?”

He says: LIKE I SAID, the residency requirement is met!

A wiser lawyer would have found a way out of the “sales” conversation right then, but I am not wise yet.

A few humble lines later about his divorce, and I make an offer for our services, that he declines, and he says (even more arrogantly) “You've convinced me ma'am that I should just get divorced without a lawyer.”

I say thank you, and hang up.

I did not know how to warn him of the many obstacles that he would perhaps fall victim to, especially the year long wait.  I did not know how to paint the picture that may happen:

The downloading  an outdated Petition form, and the printing 3 copies at HEB, and driving downtown and finding far away parking, and walking through three buildings in 90 degrees, and finding the clerk and handing them your petition, only to find out its not going to be accepted, but not until after you've already paid a non-refundable $300 filing fee. And waiting and waiting and waiting, and finding out slowly why you get a lawyer.

Lawyers, what is your answer when a person wants to know why have a lawyer when I can do it myself?

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Here Some of My Considerations When Deciding on Taking a New Client.  I'd love to know, in your opinion, the things that a lawyer should think about before taking a case?

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Hi Fellow Lawyers!  I Just Found This Cool Website That Enables You to  Easily Add a Screen Shot of Your Legal Website Into a Stock Photo Like the Example Attached.  I think lawyers could use this on social.  The site is called "place it" (I don't have any association with the site, but I really think it's neat) Do you know any really great, little known, websites to help lawyers?

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We Have Read that "About" pages on Firm Websites Can Be Overlooked as a Great Place to Connect With Clients.  Here is a New Graphic for the Cook & Cook About Page.
#Texasdivorce #attorney  
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We Have Found that Using Personable Graphics to Explain Our Legal Services Helps Clients Get to Know Us. I'd love to know what creative marketing techniques other lawyers are using that work well. 
#texaslaw #divorceattorney  
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Our Firm Just Got This Email Requesting a Reciprocal Link--What Is Your Opinion on Doing This:

"Hi,  I work for 70 different attorneys throughout
The United States, and I have a simple proposition
that will benefit your website and ours.
One of my attorney clients would like to
Place a link from his website to your website,
Which will elevate you in Google’s eyes and help
You get higher up in Google results.
In return, we ask for a link from your website to
A different attorney client of ours.
No money exchanges hands, the links are not
Reciprocal, and both parties benefit.
This is NOT a ‘black hat’ technique, or anything
That violates Google's’ terms of service.
100% straight up, legitimate, tit for tat.
Are you open to this simple arrangement?
Please reply regardless"

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As of January 2015, San Antonio, Texas Will Fine You $200 for Texting or Talking on Cell While Driving.   Is it still legal to use a cell phone while driving in your city?  I am curious, how does San Antonio compare?  We just wrote a quick post about the San Antonio ordinance here:

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What Happens When You Can't Serve Your Husband With Divorce Papers? Can You Still Get a Divorce? YES YOU CAN.  It is called a default judgment divorce.
Texas residents can learn about default judgment divorces here:  #divorce #lawyer  
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In the Age of The Internet, Do Expunctions Still Work to Erase Criminal Records?
 I am surprised that we haven't yet run into the issue of an expunction order not being followed after it is entered.  Anyone have any opinions or experience with this?
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