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I've found a bug in Google Analytics and tracked it down to July 22nd. The bug happens when you have a Custom Report and use Goal Conversion metrics and have the Dimensions Drilldowns set to page level ones like Landing Page or Page.

If a Goal Conversion is using the Destination URL trigger to fire off the Goal it works fine BUT if you have a Goal Completion tied to an Event it breaks. I've tested across a few accounts and took me awhile to figure out it was tied to Goals only set to Actions.

What's interesting is that graphs in Custom Reports set to show Goal Completions still show the # of Goals Completed but the actual Report says 0.  Take a look at the screenshot below. There are clearly Goals being completed but since July 22nd it doesn't show on the graph going forward and since then the Report shows 0 even though there are clearly some visible in the graph. I've reported the bug in the forums but nothing so far.

Is anyone else seeing this issue when they create Custom Reports with Goals tied to Events?!

I'm noticing that a lot of custom reports that I've created are no long working across multiple accounts. The main thing I find not working are Goal Completions aren't being shown. They are being fired off in the regular reports but they won't display the number of goals completed in Custom Reports...

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Brand is so hard to get right. The other day I spoke to one of the largest CPG companies in the world, they have been around for decades and decades, and I could not figure out what they stood for, what they believed in. They just sold a product. Well, the store brand is a product. Why would I buy the CPG company one?

In the past we had limited choice. We would buy the soap or toothpaste that was there. Today with unlimited choice, we don't buy soap, we buy a soap that stands for something. Innovation (yes, soap!). Life. Values. People. Social causes. Performance. Something with meaning. Something that resonates at a deeper level than "here's yet another hand wash and it has vanilla scent."

I don't want your Yet Another Hand Soap. I want Method's Ocean Plastic bottle hand soap because it stands for something:  

I don't want your Yet Another Deodorant that has a awful one page website and store brand packaging. I want Old Spice's Komodo because the ad copy makes me smile,, and the Ratings and Reviews highlight the fun and zest the brand stands for.

So, what does your brand stand for?

Today's example of a brand that stands for something incredible is GoldieBlox. Watch the ad, you'll see what I mean.

#brandmarketing   #values   #advertising  

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