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What can I say? I've loved working here for the last 8 years, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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A beautifully simple primer on responsive web design. If you have the ability to (re)design your page from scratch, this is a perfect resource.

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This is a great list for entrepreneurs to aspire to. I think I'm hitting about 10 of the 12, and working on the other two all the time.

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Jim, I couldn't comment on your blog, but Greenworks Realty has a couple of studies of the local real estate market that speak to "Green Certified" homes and how they perform in the marketplace.  I haven't seen it recently, but I'm sure a focused Google search could turn it up.  Or a quick phone call to their Greenwood office...
Solar Valuation
Some advocates argue that a residential PV system increases the value of your home more than the initial cost of the system. In other words it pays for itself on day 1. This is an important issue regarding the economics of solar power. I noticed and interes...

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We get asked "How many panels does it take to..."  Here is my snarky answer.

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New Studies Show Soft Costs Continue to Hamper Solar

When you're building something for sustainability (ie-to last beyond a lifetime) make sure to throw away your assumptions about the way the world works at least every couple of years.

Want to create a powerful "Personal Brand"? Be yourself, do good work, and stop worrying about what other people think of you. And for God's sake, stop trying so hard.

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Too cool.  This was a beautiful project working with great clients all around!

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If you're looking for our new office, just head down the street.  We're across from Starbucks and Sears.
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