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Colin Hayhurst
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Physicist
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Physicist

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Now I can find you!

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Dear Chancellor: The kids of your country need this tomorrow.....

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Sounds promising for the public, entrepreneurs and hackers
Well done, Europe. Open data has just been mandated by:

Making it a general rule that all documents made accessible by public sector bodies can be re-used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, unless protected by third party copyright;

Establishing the principle that public bodies should not be allowed to charge more than costs triggered by the individual request for data (marginal costs); in practice this means most data will be offered for free or virtually for free, unless duly justified.

Making it compulsory to provide data in commonly-used, machine-readable formats, to ensure data can be effectively re-used.

Introducing regulatory oversight to enforce these principles;

Massively expanding the reach of the Directive to include libraries, museums and archives for the first time; the existing 2003 rules will apply to data from such institutions.

To YC or not YC
Did we make it?
Find out in this blog post:

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That was an Apple week:
- Bought my first Mac after 23 years of using PCs
- Steve steps down

Here are images of my first (IBM PC and AT) and last (? Toshiba laptop) PC plus my first Mac (Book Air) and the one I couldn't get my hands on in '88
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