PRESS RELEASE (2014-01-25)

To improve publishing and reuse of public data, Fusepool P3 develops apps and software components based on the Linked Data Platform (LDP) specification. The LDP specification is a Working Draft by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web.

To showcase the benefits of Linked Data, Fusepool P3 makes tourism-related data from different sources interoperable for reuse by third-parties. The goal is turning legacy data into linked data and making it available to third-parties to develop apps on top of it.

Fusepool stands for fusing and pooling public data for easier reuse and analysis. P3 stands for
- Publish: identify data sources for promoting your business
- Process: transform and enrich data to make it actionable
- Perform: deliver data for many use cases and devices

The main impacts of the project are
- Creation and reuse of Linked Data components
- Many applications use open data records
- Enriching public data and user data across devices

The community includes
- Data publishers: public and private bodies who publish data (open data)
- Data developers: hack-a-thons for apps using Apache-based Fusepool platforms and components
- Data consumers: showcases, regional workshops and international exhibits for end users and interested stakeholders

The Fusepool P3 partners all bring years of experience with Linked Data into the project. They follow the use-case-driven approach from the Fusepool SME project and applying that customer focus to Linked Data technology. Bern University of Applied Sciences partnered with Salzburg Research and innovative businesses Net7, OpenLink Software, Geox, SpazioDati, Swissdat, as well as data providers Province of Trento and Region of Tuscany.

Fusepool P3 was selected in a two-step competition and is now part-funded by the European Framework Program for Innovation under grant n° 609696.
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