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Dundee Cake is a traditional Scottish fruitcake that's a perfect tie in with the Holiday season!
Dundee Cake is a traditional Scottish fruitcake made festive with dried fruit, marmalade and whisky, and festooned with almonds.
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A wee bit of music to kick off the world premiere of Outlander on STARZ
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Nettles are higher in nutrients than all cultivated greens...and they taste better too! 
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Cherries were $7/lb at the store yesterday -- and I'm WAY too frugal to pay that...I'll wait until they're on sale.  In the meantime, I started some Blueberry Bourbon Bounce and Tropical Mango Rum.
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Jack Black is it for some of us.
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"Several cuts above the snug, smoky atmosphere to be found in The World's End and similar serious drinking establishments, Moubray's was a large and elegant place, with an outside stair that ran up to the second floor, where a commodious dining room accommodated the appetites of Edinburgh's prosperous tradesmen and public officials." (Diana Gabaldon, Voyager)


The real life Moubray's is on the left (you can see the stairs up to the second floor)...the building's facade is 17th C, built on foundations laid in 1477. It is one of the oldest still-occupied buildings in Edinburgh, and was home to a tavern in Jamie and Claire's time.
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I've had a few requests to make this a Private Group, meaning that our posts and comments would be invisible to everyone except members.

While I understand the idea, a Private Group won't work for OK -- my goal is to spread the word about, which means I have to keep the group visible.

But that doesn't stop someone from starting a private Outlander discussion group here on G+.  That won't be me -- I have enough admin responsibilities spread across social media -- but I would happily join such a group as a member!

We can even move the reread into the group if the majority agrees.

Let me know what y'all think.
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My boyfriend knows not to bug me when he sees me reading Outlander lol!
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"Downtown" by Petula Clark. Special appearance by Frank and Claire Randall.
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Wild food like dandelions are a great, free way to supplement your diet and add more variety to your weekly menu.
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OMG this was awesome! 
I can't believe I missed the first episode (caught up now)! What a brilliant idea! Really well done, too +Theresa - Outlander Kitchen ! 
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Hi everyone! Theresa here from Outlander Kitchen.  I hope it's OK to share OK's newest recipe...Ian's Buttered Leeks -- guarding the main's weaker side. #Outlander
“I remember, when they were young, auld John told Ian it was his job to stand to Jamie’s right, for he must guard his chief’s weaker side in a fight. And he did— they took it verra seriously, the two of them. And I suppose auld John was right, at that,” she added, snipping off(...)
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Can I just say I'd like to put my face into a bowl of that, +Theresa Carle-Sanders ?
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"Roasted peanuts," I said.  "They grow underground hereabouts.  I found a farmer selling them for hogfood, and had the inn-wife roast some for me.  You take off the shells before you eat them."  I ...
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Hello Everyone!  I'm sorry I have been MIA for the last while.

I am just to over-stretched on social media.  I have come to the realization I can't do it all after trying to do exactly that for months.

It because obvious last week when Sam was announced as Jamie that I'll have to choose where to focus my efforts.  For me, right now, that means Facebook and Twitter.

I won't be closing this group, but I have to step away from our reread (which has already come to a halt), and I'll only be stopping by occasionally.

I am truly sorry about this.  OK is not my only project, and I need to manage my time better.  You are all welcome to use this space as much as you like...after all, the Outlander world is about to get very interesting!

Follow me here on Twitter:

OK's FB page:
The latest from Outlander Kitchen (@OutlanderKitchn). Historical Food from the Fictional World of Diana Gabaldon. btwn the 18th & 21st centuries
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Congrats Kristina! You'll be more than busy soon so rest & enjoy the peace now. Linda, I hope you're still healing well. I've had pinched nerves in both my shoulders and that's a body part that you just can't get comfortable with/ without. Heal well!
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+Kristina Gruell has started her Cherry Bounce for 2013...have you?

OK had a great big Bounce Party last year...and I'd love to have a G+ one this year, for sure!   Find the instructions here:
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I am so excited to do this! I had found you last year and just 'missed' out of the Cherry Bounce Party! 
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I cooked and baked alongside my mom and grandmas from the time I could stand on a stool and reach the counter. I cooked breakfast (eggs – scrambled, poached or coddled – bacon, toast and OJ) with my dad every Sunday for the greater part of my youth.

My family ate out a lot. My dad had an appreciation for GOOD food that was unusual in the 70’s. My mom, two brothers and I were happy to tag along to his newest find – sometimes fine dining – sometimes not. My dad’s enthusiasm for food sparked a passion in me. To this day, I spend most of my free time in the kitchen by choice.
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A few years ago I went to culinary school, where, (Howard insists that I tell you), I won THE medal. That is, I finished at the top of the class. How’s that for a confidence booster? So now it’s time for me and my medal to talk about food.
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A spectacular meal you will remember for many years. Well worth a special trip to Galiano.
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Fantastic location, incredible host. Craigwell has everything you need during your stay in Edinburgh! We thoroughly enjoyed our recent 3 night stay at Craigwell. Located a 2 minute walk from Holyrood and the Royal Mile, there's no need for a car, although there is a space for one if you need. Susan is a fabulous host, and popped in our first afternoon to make sure we had everything we needed, and to give us some advice on local restaurants, sites and shopping. The bedrooms are small, but sufficient. The upstairs living area with large, fully equipped kitchen and laundry, TV and electric fire is a great place to relax and regroup after a morning on the Mile, or an afternoon hiking Arthur's Seat. The cottage, on the site of a former brewery, is located on a cobbled road that is moderately busy with traffic during the day, but there was no nighttime noise to disturb our sleep. A great stay at a better-than-hotel price. Craigwell Cottage comes highly recommended!
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