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This 80s film was not only the second biggest Box Office hit of 1987, but it made a lot of husbands think twice about cheating on their wives.
In this blog of mine, I share a lot of information regarding the making of the film.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Fatal Attraction (1987)
    Dan Gallagher : You're so sad.  You know that, Alex?  Lonely and very sad. Alex Forrest : Don't you ever pity me, you smug bastard. Dan Gallagher : I'll pity you... I'll pity you.  I'll pity you because you're sick. Alex Forrest : Why?  Because I won't ...

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Cher almost decided not to star in "Moonstruck" and Nicolas Cage almost didn't get the part.  Oh, and that scene where Cher slaps Nic... she bloodied her nose on the second slap!
Here's my behind-the-scenes/making-of blog on one of the biggest Box Office hits of 1987.  Enjoy!  =)

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Moonstruck (1987)
    Ronny Cammareri :  I love you. Loretta Castorini :  [ slaps him twice ] Snap out of it!   Loretta Castorini, a book keeper from Brooklyn, New York, finds herself in a difficult situation when she falls for the brother of the man she agreed to marry (the...

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It became one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all-time!  Here's my behind-the-scenes/making of informational blog on the huge fan favorite, "A Christmas Story".  Enjoy!  =)

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A Christmas Story (1983)
    Ralphie : I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle! Mrs. Parker : No, you'll shoot your eye out. It's the 1940s and Ralphie has to convince his parents, his teacher, and Santa that a Red Ryder B.B. gun really ...

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A holiday favorite and the 15th highest grossing film of 1989, here's my making of/behind-the-scenes blog on National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation".  Along with the plethora of information, I also include many picture stills from the film as well as a couple of memorable monologues spoken by "Clark".  Enjoy!  =)

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Christmas Vacation (1989)
    Clark : (Standing outside with his family in the deep snow admiring the tree he's about to cut down and take home)   The most enjoying traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin.  Thith tree ith a thymbol of the thpiri...

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A favorite film for the holidays that continues to make us laugh year after year, here's my behind-the-scenes info blog on "Scrooged" starring Bill Murray.
Did you know that Carol Kane (Ghost of Christmas Present) ripped Bill Murray's lip so badly during a scene that production had to be halted for a few days?  IT'S TRUE!
Read the blog and find out some other bits of info.  Happy Christmas!  =)

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Scrooged (1988)
    [ Frank notices a picture of Santa and Mrs. Claus on the wall ] Frank Cross : Grace, what in the hell is this? Grace : Oh, it's a painting, one of my kids did.  See, there's Santa Claus and there's Mrs. Claus. Frank Cross : Honey, how many fingers does ...
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