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BLACK TV REPORTER FIRED AFTER DEFENDING HER AFRO ON FACEBOOK. Click below to read our interview with meteorologist Rhonda Lee. Grio fam, do you think firing her was fair? 
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OK, I am now going to open up a   B I G    can of racial worms...

Living in the  San Francisco Bay Area  in the late sixties, early seventies... remembering among other "radicals" in Berkeley, Angela Davis, etc., I,  as a euro white woman, never understood why black women who looked so great with their natural hairdos,  would want to appear in such bizarre, "straightened" hairdos, later in the 20th century.

Dreadlocks,  corn rows, and hair weaves are a good alternative and short, medium and large afros, are natural and true to nature, even with a bit of bleaching or blonding, pencil curled, fluffy, whatever... 

But a rough (reddish) bleached straightened hairdo on an  otherwise pretty black woman,  with one slice of hair, at an angle, half over one eye and the rest standing up straight on the back half of the head ... is  not attractive for anyone.

Go natural... remember that?  Still works.
I really truly appreciate your appreciation of my ethnic characteristics. I must say I also agree as you can see from my natural doo in my profile pic. thank you and have a Blessed day. As for the firing, I think they just should have disciplined her; because even if the second email was thinking what she plied, they didn't say it. Her answer should have simply been "the children are picked randomly." 
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