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de facto housewife, scientist at heart
de facto housewife, scientist at heart

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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Dick Wolf
White women have a terrible record with lynching in America.  We stand by and pretend that being looked at funny by a man of color is the same as being assaulted .  We call the police if a man seems out of place.  We also are really into horrible stories of...

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Donald Trump and Perception of Disability
What I've seen of Donald Trump indicates to me (not a doctor) that his behavior is outside the range of normal in a few ways, mostly bad.  He's passed a first-line cognitive assessment (according to a doctor whose other assessments I don't trust), but all I...

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I Will Not Enforce Patriarchy
By a combination of necessity and choice, it's up to women to enforce a lot of cultural norms.  Sometimes they're horrible, like restrictions on girls' dress in school, sometimes they're good, like maintaining social bonds (Who last sent you a birthday card...

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You can have my goat, ferchristssake.
I think that Donald Trump is a uniquely horrible human being.  Tell that to one of his supporters and they smile, like it's cute to have a rapist in office.  And then they tell me to stop being so rude as to accuse them of wanting to kill poor people.   It'...

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Consent is for sluts
An appointee to head family planning services in the US claims that contraception "doesn't work."   This baffling assertion was behind all of the anti-contraception disinfo that abstinence-only programs spewed in the 90s and 00s.  The way of thinking goes: ...

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Quite a deal for $3.
The Perkins Coie Giraffe Encounter happens every day at 1:30pm, where you can feed a giraffe for only $3 and 100% of the proceeds go to help protect animals in the wild.

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Fake News and Statistics Don't Make Your Denials Plausible
When I was in high school, we studied a little of statistics (for which I am grateful), and there was one girl in class, Lacey Bigford, who insisted that no one should "believe in" statistics.  I've been thinking about her a lot lately.  You look at the com...

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I'm getting pretty salty about this "She's obviously unlikeable" stuff about our female leaders. The future is female.
Nobody Knows Anything
Nobody Knows Anything

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Yates was an example
The hypocrisy demonstrated by Trump's firing of Sally Yates is pretty astounding.  But it's not an accident.  Under a regime that seems determined not to be constrained by checks and balances, any official that will act according to them is unwelcome.  To f...

Does anyone know about any demonstrations re: immigration fuckery in the bay area this weekend?
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