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de facto housewife, scientist at heart
de facto housewife, scientist at heart

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I'm getting pretty salty about this "She's obviously unlikeable" stuff about our female leaders. The future is female. 

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Yates was an example
The hypocrisy demonstrated by Trump's firing of Sally Yates is pretty astounding.  But it's not an accident.  Under a regime that seems determined not to be constrained by checks and balances, any official that will act according to them is unwelcome.  To f...

Does anyone know about any demonstrations re: immigration fuckery in the bay area this weekend?

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A Farewell to Language
Do you prefer the ACA or Obamacare?  Trick question.  They're the same thing.  If you're reading my blog, you knew that already, but it's becoming apparent that not everyone does. My first thought about this seeming impossibility was that something was bein...

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Fault vs. Responsibility
I just read Elizabeth Grattan's piece on Medium , "The Decent Woman Who Voted For Trump (Does not exist)."  That's deliberately provocative, and I clicked.  Mostly, it's just about how there's no good excuse to vote Trump.  So far, so good.  Then it goes in...

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The reaction to this on Twitter was BANANAS. I mean, I expect some pushback to such a move, but I am tired of people playing dumb. 

Has anyone else noticed the convergence of weird new anti-abortion laws in Texas just as we're finding Zika there? Bummer of a coincidence.

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Today I have watched a woman, in tears, be THOROUGHLY patted down by a TSA agent.  I have also watched an anti-democratic coup go down in North Carolina.  THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  
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