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Rick Bosch (rickbosch)
"Sometimes you need the dark to see the light."
"Sometimes you need the dark to see the light."

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Originally shared by ****
- Take an existing app.
- Slightly change the name to take advantage of Google indexing algorithm (Tiles > N Tiles).
- Use same exact color palette to confuse users even more.
- Copy a particular core logic to show/add components (not seen yet in any other quick settings tiles apps).
- Slightly change a particular and original app feature (reminder tile).
- Use almost 93% of the same drawables.

And you are done. You wiped away the whole meaning and pleasure of coding applications, that imho is to try and invent something a little new. You leave the original author in a miserable dark mood, where it is hard to see honesty and respect around. You take credit for something that doesn't belong to you. Competition and challenge, this is what I look forward to, adding values and ideas to a little something I particularly enjoy since quite a long time. Android

Edit January 30th: he changed the name to Nougat Quick Settings, and the color palette: a poor try.
See people? Something is happening! Thanks
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30,000 member giveaway!!

Alright everyone, it's that time! We have reached 30,000 members in this great community so it's time to give back to you.


Entry is simple:
1. +1 this post.
2. Reshared this post.
3. Mention +Char G and myself, listing the five themes you would like to win in order of preference.
4. (optional) Follow all of the great themers below, they post about new updates/themes they are working on as well as other giveaways they are participating in.

The giveaway will close on Sunday, January 29th, 11:59 MST.


There has recently been some reports of people being very ungrateful in other giveaways. I will tolerate none of that; if you are unhappy with the theme you are given, I will not hesitate to choose someone else. These themers are willingly giving you their paid work for free, you do not get to complain.

We will be giving away five copies of each theme, if all five have been used up by the time you contact us, we will choose the next requested one.

Themes up for grabs

If I couldn't tag you, I'm sorry :( it's because Google+'s tag system is a piece of garbage :)

Spectrum by +Jeremy Beck:

BlackStockTheme by +Piereligio Di Sante:

DarkStockTheme by +Piereligio Di Sante:

N/Pixel Dark Mode by +Piereligio Di Sante:

Mono by +De Jan:

Belo by +De Jan:

Outline by +Niklas Schnettler:

Orange Kitten PRO by +Ivan Iskandar:

Transparent by +Gianluca Spadazzi:

Shade UI by +Gianluca Spadazzi:

View by +Gianluca Spadazzi:

Rounded UI by +Gianluca Spadazzi:

Black Light by +Gianluca Spadazzi:

Lone 4SuBs by +Federico Porcu:

Magpie Reborn by +setiawanjimmy:

Material Time by +Nevo Levin:

Wavvy by +Travis Hall:

Domination by +David Wilson:

Other themers: if you want to get in on this, please contact me on Hangouts ( or Telegram (@nathanchance) with some promo codes and I will get you setup.
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FlashFire v0.50: Open to the public

With this release, FlashFire leaves Google's awkward BETA program, and is available through the Play store for everyone.

This does not mean FlashFire should no longer be considered BETA or dangerous, and it definitely doesn't mean it's feature complete.

This does mean you can now leave ratings and comments. Everybody who leaves a 5 star rating might get a warm and fuzzy feeling for a second or two, so what's keeping you?

I've also created a small website for FlashFire located at , containing quite a bit of information on FlashFire usage and specifics. If you squint, it might even look like a manual.

This update works around all known issues with N Preview, and adb backup/restore functionality has also received some much needed bugfixes.

Unfortunately, I've had to revert lz4 compression back to the single threaded model, as the multi-threaded implementation will occasionally segfault during restore. I hope to find a proper fix for this soon, as this revert may reduce backup/restore performance.

Discussion, suggestions and bugreports should keep going the XDA thread as usual:

- Fix compatibility with N Preview 3 (in used libraries)
- Added 'Restore from ADB' option to 'No backups found' dialog
- NP3: Work around ART crash
- NPx: Work around 'adb restore' bug by using 'adb push' instead
- 4.2: Fix StatFs crash
- ADB: Authorize all connections
- ADB: Fix restoring not doing anything on some devices
- Force 'clear cache' option to show UI
- Include filesize in cache validation
- (Temporarily?) Switched back to single-threaded lz4 implementation due to the multi-threaded version occasionally segfaulting
- Add choice for visiting either FlashFire's website or the XDA thread when tapping the top card
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It's almost time for the Cape Town Jazz Festival!
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That's new, +Android Police​. Google Play Movies in South Africa.
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It’s #SaferInternetDay. Get 2GB of free +Google Drive storage when you take your Security Checkup today. #SID2016
Animated Photo
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Happy birthday, +semeon korsunsky​!
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This looks new. When you pause a YouTube video it now tells you how big the video file is. Awesome. +Android Police
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Google Play Music launches in South Africa! +Android Police
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