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So, you think you’re a great cook and want to start making homemade edibles? But to make the best edibles, most of the time you’re going to need cannabutter. Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to make a full cup of the cooking ingredient that’ll change your life:
What you’ll need:
½ oz of Marijuana buds
2 sticks of butter, which is about 2 cups
A grinder. Don’t have one? Go to BelMar—they’ve got quality grinders for the best price around.
A frying pan, something to stir with, and a tightly knit strainer.
Step 1: melt the butter in a microwave.
Step 2: set the pan in low heat. Pour in the melted butter and grinder weed. 
Step 3: Stir for about 40-50 minutes, making sure it doesn’t burn and turning off the heat when little bubbles form on top of the hash.
Step 4: Pour the content into a store-able container through the strainer. Let it cool and harden to be the butter it was always meant to be. 
Where to get the best weed for your cannabutter needs? BelMar. Located at 614 116th Ave NE Bellevue 98005, it’s open past daylight hours. Come check us out, our staff is always ready to help. 
#edibles #cannabutter #pnwweed

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DIY bongs are how the stoner community gets to show off its creativity. If you want to make your own but don’t want to read the lengthy tutorials posted online, read our quick and easy steps to making these three types of bongs: an original, a fruity favorite, and an icy one. 
Make these at home after you’ve purchased some quality flowers from BelMar, and remember to smoke only in privately owned locations that allow it!
The Water Bottle Bong
Things you’ll need: an empty water bottle, a 3x3inch square of aluminum foil, a needle, and some scissors.
Step 1: Empty ¾ of the water from the bottle and remove the cap.
Step 2: Wrap the aluminum foil around the top of the bottle tightly, smoothing the edges down so no air gets out.
Step 3: Poke 5 evenly spaced holes in the aluminum foil. Poke another hole about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the bottle. Use the scissors to widen it to a 1inch diameter. 
Step 4: Done! Use your bong skills to light up in a safe and legal area to enjoy
The Apple Bong
Things you’ll need: an apple, a knife, and a pen.
Step 1: Remove the stem of the apple with a knife, creating a hole that reaches the middle. At the top, create a small bowl-like shape. 
Step 2: Make a second hole diagonally from the side, stopping when it reaches the middle hole.
Step 3: Make a third hole from the other side that’s closer to the bottom. Make sure it also reaches the middle hole. 
Step 4: Done! Use your bong skills to light up in a safe and legal area to enjoy
The Ice Bong
Things you’ll need: water, a freezer, a wide water bottle, a thin metal rod, a knife, and a wide straw, a bowl to leave it in, and a drill.
Step 1: Cut the top off of the water bottle. Place the metal rod in the middle, making sure it stays in place. 
Step 2: Pour water into the space, leaving about ½ an inch of space left on top. 
Step 3: Freeze this. 
Step 4: Once it’s frozen, remove the water bottle and the metal rod.
Step 5: On one side, drill a small hole in the bottom 1/3 of the bong and place the straw in it. 
Step 6: Done! Use your bong skills to light up in a safe and legal area to enjoy
Check out our store to stock up for the legal use of recreational marijuana in the Washington at 614 116th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98005
And follow us on twitter for updates on our products, notices of sales, and more fun articles like these @BelMar425
#washingtonweed #DIY 

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Get stoked and get your father toked! It’s Father’s Day.
Don’t know where to take your dad on his day? This Sunday, BelMar is putting on an event at the store, where you can get 1 gram of Bondi Farms product for only $5, and have dad meet the team of Bondi Farms, his favorite flower providers! June 21st, 2-5pm, an event that’s sure to make his dad’s day unforgettable. 
Show your dad how much he means to you by bonding the old-fashioned way: through the relaxation of marijuana. After all, it’s what dads love best! 
Here are a few ways you can arrange father’s day to be a total hit. 
-Grab a few BelMar pre-rolled joints and go fishing with him for the day. Nothing beats the calm aura of nature—nothing except for reeling in a bass as you take a hit of some quality kush. 
-Smoke a bowl while the two of you are barbequing in your backyard. Not only will he get to show off his BBQ skills, but your meal will be so much better after a few hits. 
-Save some time at the end of the day to pass him the bong as the two of you reflect on life, watching the sun set and the smoke rise. 
Stop by BelMar this weekend and get some grade-A advice on a gift that dad will never forget. 
BelMar is located at 614 116th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98004.
And be sure to follow us on twitter @BelMar425!!
#fathersday #giftsfordad #pnwweed 

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BelMar presents: Countries whose weed laws will surprise you!
We’ve come a long way in the Washington State by regulating recreational marijuana, let’s see what kinds of marijuana laws other countries have! 

Germany: If you’re German, get yourself some connections at the Federal Institute of Drugs and Medical Devices. They’ll be able to write you a nice federal excuse allowing you to use marijuana as “self-therapy.” But if you don’t have this legal excuse, you’re pretty much going to be ok, as the use of marijuana is considered to be “self-harm” in Germany, which is not illegal. 

India: In many states, the use of marijuana is either legal or tolerated. Cannabis is used in some Hindu rituals, so shops in holy cities owned by the Indian government sell weed in the form of bhang, a beverage made from the female cannabis plant. 

Belize: Not just a vacation spot for those with money! Belize is the land of “marijuana toleration,” where weed is “illegal but tolerated.” 

Uruguay: You can possess it, use it, transport it, and sell it in any amount at all! So far there are no restrictions. Regulation laws were attempted to be made this year but their president basically threw them out, saying the regulation law will never be implemented. 

Jamaica: All countries don’t fit their stereotypes! The possession of marijuana is illegal but decriminalized, the use and sale is illegal and criminalized, but as of this past February, up to five plants of cultivation is legal!

North Korea: That’s right everyone, North Koreans are living large in the marijuana world. Traveling to the country may prove to be a bit of a challenge on your Weed around the World trip, but just knowing that the communists on the other side of the globe are blazing it is good enough. 

Russia: Mother Russia pulls through with some decriminalized weed!!! Although the sale of it is still illegal, you are allowed to possess, transport, and cultivate marijuana in amounts of up to 6grams. 

Check out our store to stock up for the legal use of recreational marijuana in the US at 614 116th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98005,
And follow us on twitter for updates on our products, notices of sales, and more fun articles like these @BelMar425

BelMar wants to remind everyone that transferring marijuana across international borders is illegal but purchasing our products isn’t!
#washingtonweed #marijuanalaws

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Memorial Day Weekend is here! What are your plans?
Whatever you plan on doing this holiday weekend, make sure to let yourself have a break from all the stress, hassle, and running around. You deserve those extra days off. Remember to light up your weed as you light up the grill for the Labor Day BBQ. Get your favorite strain from BelMar Bellevue Marijuana Store, kick back and relax. Not sure what to get? Our professional staff with help you decide in addition to providing a generous discount: 
Any $100 purchase 5% off
Any $200 purchase 7% off
Any $300 purchase 10% off
Stop by BelMar this weekend to treat yourself to the time off you really deserve. 

Follow us on twitter @belmar425
Visit www.
Visit the store 614 116th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98005 

#memorialday2015 #sale #washingtonweed

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BelMar presents: self-made munchies. A few ways to make your favorite snacks after you’ve smoked a fat one. We’ve all been there, stoned,hungry, no designated driver, and it’s way too late to order take-out. Still, people need to eat. Don’t go for anything too complicated, dangerous or fancy, make sure you’re sober enough to use an oven or range, and give these quick bites a shot:
1. Personal pizza. Got a pita? A tortilla? Throw sauce, cheese, and any of your favorite toppings on top. Warm your oven to 400 degrees and let your pizza sit in it for a few minutes. Just make sure to set the kitchen timer so you don’t forget about it and burn it to a sad crisp.
2. 3 minute brownies. Put 4 tablespoons cake flour, 4 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons butter, and 3 tablespoons milk into a mug. Set the microwave on high for 3 minutes and watch your brownie rise!
3. Stack your PBJ. Get three slices of bread, one with peanut butter, one with jelly, and one with Nutella. Stack and eat!
4. Extreme grilled cheese. Put together all of the cheeses your fridge has to offer with a bit of bacon and avocado, it’ll melt in your mouth while tasting incredible. Add some red pepper flakes or your favorite hot sauce for a spicy kick.
5. Upgrade your ramen. Get that old packet of top ramen and add in chives, strips of meat, an egg, and an assortment of hard vegetables. It’ll taste almost as good as if it was straight out of Japan. 
6. Mix together all of your sugary cereals in one bowl. It might be incredibly unhealthy, but we all know how good it’s going to taste. 

Check out our latest sales on our website
Follow us on twitter and instagram @Belmar425
and visit the store at 614 116th Ave Bellevue, WA 98005!

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You’ve given your mother enough headaches for the year, so let her really celebrate this upcoming Mother’s Day. Luckily, BelMar is offering some great deals, steering you in the right direction if you finally want to get her the right gift.

Let your mom relieve her stress without even having to roll her own joint. We’ve got a variety of pre-rolled joints at great prices: OG Chem, Agent Orange, Girl Scout Cookies, and so much more. All of her favorite strains are sold in a pre-rolled joint format. 

If you’re feeling traditional, get her the gift of chocolates. We offer all kinds of chocolate edibles. The new MAGIC KITCHEN line includes bonbons, pebbles, chewees, and cookies.

Mothers Day Sale -
The Goodship cookies10% off 
Sky High also 10% off
Check out, get updates by liking our Facebook page, and visit the store at 
614 116th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98004.
‪#‎mothersday‬ ‪#‎bellevuemarijuana‬

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Wondering how some of the high quality cannabis concentrates sold at BelMar are made? Dannie Yi, Chief Extractor at Northwest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS), along with his apprentice Douglas “DJ” Johnson have all the answers. Today, we sell two lines of products carefully produced by NWCS under Dannie’s supervision: Evergreen cartridges and Wax, as well as Magic Kitchen edibles.
With over 7 years of experience and a huge group of satisfied customers, Dannie has made quite a name for himself in the cannabis community. Over 13 thousand followers on Instagram is a clear proof of that (
NWCS is one of the largest processors in Washington. Dannie and DJ use the best equipment available on the market today to make the highest quality extracts, without letting the product lose its potency.
For the Evergreen CO2 Cartridges, Dannie uses CO2 Supercritical Extraction via an Eden Labs 20L CO2 Extractor. For the Evergreen BHO Cartridges he uses top of the line ETS Extractors and only pharmaceutical grade 99.9% Butane. Both BHO and CO2 extractions then go through a second filtration process using 100% Organic Ethanol. Once the Ethanol has been removed, all that’s left is beautiful and absolutely pure oil.

Dannie’s expertise and knowledge, DJ’s help and careful attention, plus the best-in-class equipment combine to make NWCS products stand out from the rest.

Stop by BelMar during our extended hours (Sunday – Thursday 10 am – 10 pm, Friday/Saturday 10 am – Midnight) to check out Evergreen cartridges and the new line of Magic Kitchen edibles carefully made under Dannie’s supervision.

We are especially excited to premier the full line of new Magic Kitchen chocolates, caramel chews, hard candy, and cookies May 8th.
More event details
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BelMar is hosting an event celebrating the launch of Northwest Cannabis Solutions’ new full line of MAGIC KITCHEN edibles. 

This Friday May 8th from 4 - 6 pm

Visitors will be able to enjoy free food and drink and even be able to try some of the new MAGIC KITCHEN edibles without marijuana to see which ones they like before they buy.

Anyone over 21 is welcome. We will have NWCS employees at BelMar to answer any questions and go over how the edibles are made from scratch.

All of the infused MAGIC KITCHEN products are 10mg THC, and all of the THC is activated by NWCS – so you can expect every edible to be identical in terms of effect.

The new MAGIC KITCHEN line includes:

· Koko Gemz, NWCS’ magic little bonbons, coming in milk, dark, and white chocolates, with or without roasted almonds.

· Pebbles, NWCS’ version of the classic hard sucker candy, coming in apple, orange, lemon, black cherry, and raspberry flavors.

· Chewees, classic caramel chews with and without nuts.

· Old favorites – Oatmeal, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies.

Northwest Cannabis Solutions is one of the largest I-502 licensed marijuana processors in the state, offering a line of extracts under EVERGREEN brand, and with a fully licensed edibles kitchen which produces MAGIC KITCHEN edibles. NWCS is located in Olympia, WA.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity! See you at BelMar.

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