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Merry Christmas! Seasons greetings!

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I am proud to announce that my short story, Wasteland of Anger and Hatred, is now available exclusively on Amazon. It's an e-Book. For the next 24 hours, It's free! Just a taste of what's to come. What are you waiting for? Go get it! 

What is it about?

Well, it's kind of hard to categorize. It's about a kidnapping. The girl escapes and it reads like a journal of how everyone involved (the parents, juries, and even the kidnapper) feels and how they see things. You get first hand accounts.

That's it in a nutshell. It's less than four thousand words so you can read it in one sitting.

Don't have a Kindle?
That's alright! You can read it on your browser at or (if you want to download the app onto your computer) As long as you have an Amazon account, you're good to go. Buy the e-book through your Amazon account and send it to your Kindle. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Don't forget to leave a review. 

Thank you,

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My favorite is number 4. :) 
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