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I have lived at Pinewood Village for a year and 8 months. The last 6 months have been a nightmare. The company is now moving crack dealers, hookers, and sex offenders into the complex. The have refused to repair anything in my unit. Everything that was damaged was damaged by their workers. I was told that they were not replacing dishwashers, because the owner was having money problems. DO NOT MOVE HERE. The management lies to you. At night this place turns ugly, and I believe I have seen the new maintenance man engaged with one of the crack dealers. Places like this are the kind that have the electricity and water turned off because the owner did not pay the bill. This is a slumlord management company that only manages slum complexes. The entire operation seems to be run by a bunch of "power" women, who do very little, and are impossible to contact. All of the properties run by this company are dangerous and slums. You are best to go elsewhere. My rent was never late, nor did I ever receive a notice of any kind. These women just lie to you, look down their noses at you, and disrespect the customer like I have never seen. It is best to spend your money elsewhere.
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Public - a year ago
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Tried for a half an hour to get them on the phone. Wanted to rent an apartment. Tired of the internet. If this is any indication of how they manage properties, I think it best to go elsewhere.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
I liked the location of these apartments, however, I did not like the bedbugs nor the on then off hot water situation. The apartments are large, however, they might move in a sex offender or criminal. There is no manager here on the property, and when she is here they just lie to you. Over the past 5 months a criminal element has taken over the complex, and it is becoming quite dangerous here. I suspect that the meth dealers are supplying some of the employees here. I am moving in a few weeks and cannot wait. I am afraid to leave the apartment for fear of robbery. DON'T MOVE IN HERE. IT IS JUST NOT WORTH IT!
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Public - a year ago
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I just got off the phone with them. When I explained my situation, the representative immediately started explaining to me that I would not be able to break a lease, with a HOM Inc. voucher. I had all of the paperwork together to move, and had already broken a lease. He assumed that I had not without even listening to me. He also expected to speak to my case manager at HOM Inc. When I told him that was not going to happen, and that my relationship with HOM Inc. was none of his business. He got a little snippy. Their job is to find the apartment, not get busy with your personal business. Go elsewhere. The phone call was embarrassing.
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Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago