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The Alchemy of Truth
Islam, Australia, Sydney, politics, philosophy, history, health, epistomology
Islam, Australia, Sydney, politics, philosophy, history, health, epistomology


The Podcast is out! 
This week's interview was with brother Mohammad Tabbaa on Human Rights. A very insightful discussion about the specific vs the general meanings of terms such as "rights" and "human", as well as the usage of such constructs in our society today.
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Is the understanding of Human Rights today compatible with the Islamic understanding of Human rights?
And another question
Since the inception of the International Declaration of #HumanRights in 1948. Has it been a savior for humanity? or a tool of the state?
This and other questions will be answered during our interview this coming Tuesday inshallah with brother Mohamad Tabba, about the politics and epistemology of Human Rights, and what it means to speak about Human Rights today.
Be sure to tune in! Tuesday 21st January at 7pm
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What are #HumanRights?
Are they the absolute inclusive meanings of "human" and "rights"?
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We would like to thank our listeners and our hosts for helping us to create this amazing first show of 2014.
Our next show will be in two weeks inshallah where we will host Melbourne Academic Brother Mohammad Tabbaa. We will discuss Human Rights, and the ideological and epistemological meanings behind this particular paradign.

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Our first show airs tonight inshallah at 8pm.
Discussing Racism and its different manifestations with Yassir Morsi.
Want to know how good this show is?
"The Alchemy of Truth does not necessarily hold any of the opinions shared by Yassir Morsi"
You can tune in through this link
#racism #islamophobia #TuneIn #sydney #australia
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Assalamu alaikum and good morning
A reminder that our interview with Yassir Morsi of University of South Australia's Center for Muslim/Non Muslim understanding will be tomorrrow inshallah.
He, along with our second guest Mohammad Tabba, will be discussing Racism and its prevalence in society.
Tune in, 8pm tomorrow inshallah.
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Assalamu Alaikum, and happy new year, and happy Friday.

Alhumdulillah we are starting our new season for 2014 with some amazing interviews and awesome guests both local and international.

The Interviews this year will be played on a fortnightly basis. To give us time to prepare and maintain our releasing of a show every fortnight for 2014 inshallah.

Our first show will take place this Tuesday the 7th of January [8pm] with a great interview about Racism. Our guest Yassir Morsi will illustrate and simplify the many meanings of racism and how it affects all of us directly and indirectly.

Be sure to tune in to the show on Podcasts and streaming options will be available on Tuesday inshallah/
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5 minutes to 2014. Happy new year all. May Allah give victory and protection to our brothers and sisters in Syria and all over the world inshallah
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Tune in. Next Tuesday inshallah. 8pm.
Special Guests to be announced soon.
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