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SaraSwati Shakti
SaraSwati Shakti is the founder of Loving Psyche
SaraSwati Shakti is the founder of Loving Psyche

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Every Choice...
Every important. In the busy world, where so much is pulling on our energies, where the world wide web, media, advertising, news, and social networking are proliferating, it can be so easy to drift into competing views, and sentiments, and fall ...

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Love, Where You Are
In the midst of change, life can be challenging. In the midst of unrest, life's dynamic may be confounding. In the journey of self, you are both founding, and unfounding...perhaps floundering. And that's normal. And that's ok. Your life is a magnificent wor...

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Wild, For Life.
There are beautiful and wild forces within us. I love these words by St Francis of Assisi. They totally encapsulate the power and mystery that lives within us. And how we live our lives. And how pertinent that I came across it again recently. As it also con...

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Coaching Camino
Change changes you. Isn't it true. And that's what I observed in some beautiful tales of journeying in the stunning documentary Walking the Camino, Six Ways to Santiago, tha I watched last week. It helped me to ponder on the Coaching Camino's I witness with...

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Sprints, And Marathons
Dealing with the emotional elements of change is like running Sprints, and Marathons, in the psyches of people adjusting. And assisting coachees to manage change and transition has a number of very important elements. When people are dealing with personal a...

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Joy on every page
It is not often you find yourself mentioned in someone else's story. Someone else's book. Yet that was what I found after the release of a book titled Whole Wild World. A book launched recently, and written by my cousin, Tom Dusevic. It tells the story of a...

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The Gift of Wonder
The school holidays have been upon us. And with it a dramatic change in the neighbourhood scenery. So many more children are mixing and mingling in the parks and walkways of surrounding greenery. Out for fresh air, in the open, freely playing, and venturing...

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Tell me your story
I had an opportunity to visit the National Portrait Gallery recently. They have an exhibition of photos as part of the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2016. Each of the photos capture striking moments. And each striking moment is wonderful, serious, an...

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Sit, And Admire
When my son was little, we had a ritual. He was always busy, curious, and keen to move from activity to activity regularly. Projects were moved through, quickly. From one to next without a breath. So I taught him something worth doing. To Sit, And Admire, b...

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Upon Reflection
At dawn this morning, at a river that runs alongside my neighbourhood, I noticed something new. Something irregular. The river, was absolutely still. So still that the water was a perfect mirror of the scene above her. A complete, unadulterated, reflection....
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