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Dan Romescu
Augmented Citizen Advocate -Vision: open + innovative + green + transparent = sustainable society - Interest: Socionetics, Augmented Reality, AI
Augmented Citizen Advocate -Vision: open + innovative + green + transparent = sustainable society - Interest: Socionetics, Augmented Reality, AI

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Be happy to meet #Android family in Berlin. We are 8th yrs old. It's time for a alumni group :-) 
Dominik Helleberg runs the mobile team of inovex. Don't miss his talk Augmented Reality and VisualFX with Project Tango, where he will take a look at the challenges of augmented reality applications like camera tracking, lightning models, 3D occlusion and shadows, and how professional VFX studios tackle these problems in their movie productions.

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Great work +Tobias Weyand, "Aacheners" work on machine understanding and perception is excellent
I'm excited that I can finally share what I've been working on at Google! We just published our paper describing PlaNet, a Convolutional Neutral Network that can tell where in the world a photo was taken. From millions of geotagged photos PlaNet has learned which countries have fjords, where to find red phone booths, and which animals live on the Galapagos Islands. Check out our paper on arXiv below! A big thank you goes to my co-authors +Ilya Kostrikov and +James Philbin!

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#droidcon is a global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android and will take place on March 12-13 in Bucharest.

This event will features a full day of conference program and one day for a Barcamp, workshop and presentations. Some of the main topics are: data model/ APIs, Mobile Monetization, Android TV, Cloud Services, Testing, Architecture, best practices and more.

Great speakers, experts in their specific area of Android development will present:

Tickets starting with 49 euro, reduced tickets and packages for companies. Great sponsorship opportunity for female developers who want to attend droidcon Bucharest this year (up to a maximum of 330 euro):

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MediaSessionCompat extends support from API 21+ to API 14+
One improvement not mentioned in the revision 22 of the Android Support Library is on MediaSessionCompat: the class that makes it easier to build a better Media experience across all API levels.

Previously, MediaSessionCompat was a simple wrapper around the new MediaSession API added in Lollipop, saving you the need to API check every call but not helping so much in supporting older versions of Android. This release, having looked at the source code [1], also adds support for RemoteControlClient - the API needed to build great media experiences (such as lock screen controls) on API 14-20 devices!

This looks like it'll make MediaSession much easier to work with while keeping your existing media player working nicely. In fact, this now encapsulates much of the logic you needed to do yourself, potentially meaning you can now strip out a vast majority of the version specific code and build something that looks and acts perfectly on all devices.

[1] -

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Thanks to #Alcatel #OneTouch, their smartwatch was in #Transylvania @Techsylvania #hackathon , in the coolest salt mine in Turda I ever seen.

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Thank y +Mario Viviani​ 4 yr gr8 talk!
Droidcon Krakow 2014

Friday Dec 5th I had the chance to speak at Droidcon Krakow in Poland. I presented my talk Kick-start Your Experience with Android Wear

It has been a great experience to discover the Android and tech community in Poland, which is really high level and eager to know more about the most cutting-edge technologies.

During my talk I presented how easy is to setup an Android Wear project using the Wear Data Layer APIs, allowing a direct channel of communication between the mobile and wear devices. I also introduced my library Teleport ( which makes using the Data Layer a no-brainer.

Here's the link to the presentation:

If you were at Droidcon Krakow and want to leave a feedback on my talk, here's the link to let me know your thoughts and comments:

I want to thank again +droidcon Krakow organizers, in particular +Agnieszka Cieśla, +Maria Skrzypek, +Mateusz Herych and +Dan Romescu!! Guys, thank you for everything, it has been awesome!

I would also like to thank +Dawid Ostrowski for making my partecipation possible! :-)

#gde   #android   #techtalk  
Droidcon Krakow 2014
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Give please a sustainable vote for our project at Startup Weekend Battle:

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Sberbank Hackathon, started in Frankfurt with Frankfurt JCI after with a trip to Moscow :-)

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Just finished the Music prodcution Course from Berklee online and I admit that I have learned a lot :-). Thank y veyr much...
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