Chivalry isn't dead, merely unconscious; and I aim to revive it.

I had a conversation with a girl that I've been dating for a few weeks now, and she brought up the fact that no one has ever walked her to her door before without being asked.   I was absolutely flabbergasted at first, but then I started remembering conversations I've had with other women in my life and some of my exes.

It's obvious that fewer gentlemen are being raised, and while I've never had a conversational topic about walking women to their doors, the topic of giving flowers is a pretty common occurrence.  Which is to say that the actual giving of flowers is apparently antiquated.  I can certainly understand that men my age (especially in the South) are not always fiscally able to purchase these over priced commodities, but I have yet to ask a woman if she's ever received flowers on a day other than Valentines and have her say yes.

I wish I were kidding.  I'm actually quite serious, I have never heard "yeah, that's happened to me before."  This phenomenon doesn't appear to be isolated to the rural south or women in their early twenties either.  Talking to women in the north or in their late 20's/early 30's have the same response.  

I'm in a very peculiar mood today, so I'm gonna do a three things with this post:

-First thing's first.  Fellas, buy your ladies some flowers.  Today!  They don't have to be expensive or perfect, just buy some.  Don't get me wrong, on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or your Anniversary you don't want to skimp on flowers (provided you go that route) but for random gifts, Wal-Mart flowers will do just fine.  They're like $6.99, there's really no reason not to.

-Second, ladies I want to hear your stories on the matter.  Have you received flowers randomly, as part of a random romantic gesture, or even at all? Comment below, and if you're so inclined to share, tell us your story!  Also, I'm genuinely curious to know what different demographics have to say on the matter, so if you feel comfortable, include a little bit of background on yourself!

-Third, with the help of a share or two from some people like +Sarah Rios, +Bobbi Jo Woods, +Keely Brubaker, +Johan Horak, +Kate Savage,+Stephanie Van Pelt or really anyone with more than 1,000 followers, I'm gonna put myself out there.  I don't really ask for shares, but I'll run the risk of embarrassment if this little experiment falls flat on its face.  #nervousnelly  

Share this post and in a week I'll send a bouquet of flowers from to a random sharer and a commentator!  That is, of course, provided they feel comfortable giving their mailing address to a random stranger on the internet.

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