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Mini-project first round complete. I found a model online that increases pupilary distance (thx Wikipedia!) with mirrors. I tweaked the model to accommodate some mirrors I found laying around the Dallas Makerspace and 3D printed. Prototype #1 behold!

You can see that even after banging with a rubber mallet, I cannot get the two halves to fully meet. I will start editing another prototype to smooth out the various kinks and rough edges.

"What does it do?" you may ask, or at least that is the question I was posed 20 times yesterday. By increasing the distance between your eyeballs, it messes with your perspective a bit. Things close will appear closer, things far will appear further. And it helps you not have to cross your eyes so much when looking at stereographic photos.

Keeps me off the streets I guess...
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yes, be careful on the streets.  Objects may or may not be closer than they appear, lol.
Best part of that line is "may or may not" - lol indeed!
Post these on the Dallas MakerSpace g+ community too please. It would be good to build that up.
are you telling me my eyes are too close together? frackin hammerhead

anyway, look at f1 drivers, big noses, beady eyes and bushy eyebrows. it's a genetic perspective advantage. i wonder what went wrong in south east asia?
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