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Hey what do you think about this idea?

(X-posting to Facebook and Google+)

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TL;DR Google kills XMPP (Jabber) support for messaging in new Hangouts. #fail

So the new Google Hangouts will replace Google Talk as it seems. Which means no more XMPP (Jabber) support. There goes another open standard at Google. Where's my surprised face again?

"Google will be releasing a new communications product called Hangouts which users may choose to use instead of Google Talk. The new service does not support XMPP."

"With Hangouts, Singhal says Google had to make the difficult decision to drop the very "open" XMPP standard that it helped pioneer."

"Old-School" Google Talk with working XMPP support will still be available but AFAICS it is moved to the Legacy box and might be shut down in the future.

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If you have been in conversations about whether MOOCs are "good" or "bad," I would appreciate your feedback on this.

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IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) Higher Education Special Interest Group (HE SIG) Google+ hangout test.

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Why the iPad is the most hated gadget ever.

As the Apple iPad succeeds beyond expectations, it leaves in its wake an enormous body count of dead and dying products. While consumers love it, several major industries have grown to hate it. And for very good reason.

PSA: Ctrl+Shift+F in Google Docs switches between "compact controls" and regular controls.

On having two Google+ accounts--how I think they should work together

I have two Google+ accounts: one for my personal account, and one now for work. (I have my work account by virtue of working for Wake Forest University, which now has Google+ for Google Apps.) This setup is a little confusing to me, because I've mainly thought about having one unified account for social networking. (For example Facebook merges your work and personal identities, for better or for worse.)

The one thing you can do with the Google+ for Apps account that you can't do with the personal account is publish to everyone at Wake Forest University.

Here's how I think the two accounts should work together:

- My personal account is the "primary" account--the one I use for 99% of my Google+ interactions.
- My work account is a secondary account and notes in its profile that you should really consider "circling" the primary account.
- My work account ideally would say "John Borwick at Work" for my name, so it's clearer to people which account is which

When posting:
- All posts originate from my personal account
- My personal account has a set of circles that include my work account, e.g. a "Work" circle
- My work account has a "From Other Account" circle that's just my personal account
- My work account re-shares everything that comes "From Other Account"

Advantages: People who follow my work account only can see posts. People who follow both accounts have an incentive only to follow the personal account or they'll probably see double posts.
Disadvantages: Google+ API does not allow me to automate this process, so it's labor-intensive.

When getting circled:
- Whenever my work account gets "circled" then my personal account, as well as work account, follows the person back

Advantages: this brings awareness of my personal account.
Disadvantages: confusing for people.

When reading posts:

The main disadvantage of this set-up is people who share with my work account but not my personal account. Ideally I would have a circle that's just for these people, so I wouldn't see double-posts if I check both accounts, but I don't know how to automate the creation of this circle and it is theoretically possible that someone could circle my work account differently than my personal account.

Simple visions are good because they're easy to communicate successfully 

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"photosynthesis does not involve a camera or a synthesizer" -They Might Be Giants 
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