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Bruce Richardson
Bruce Richardson is one of the leading voices in America's Tea Renaissance
Bruce Richardson is one of the leading voices in America's Tea Renaissance

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A Treasure Trove of Tea Ware Buried 300 Years at Sea
Fishermen working
off Vietnam’s Ca Mau peninsular in 1998 snagged their nets on a submerged obstacle. As
their nets rose bulging with cups and saucers rather than fish, the men realized
they had stumbled upon a treasure trove of centuries-old Chinese porcel...

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Norwood Pratt and Bruce Richardson Revive The Romance of Tea
2017 Edition of The Romance of Tea It’s difficult to remember a time when authoritative books
on tea were as rare as a good cup of Darjeeling. But that was the scenario in
America throughout much of the 20 th century — until publisher Alfred
Knopf published...

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5 Teas to Tame the Tummy
Something healthy is brewing in the world of tea. I talk to people
daily who are in search of teas to either help soothe upset tummies, aid sleep, lower blood
pressure, or fight inflammation. These are people who, two years ago, never
thought of entering a ...

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How Do You Eat a Scone with Cream and Jam?
When eating an English scone, what goes on first? The clotted cream or the jam? This is one of life's most pressing questions for students of tea traveling for the first time through the tearoom-filled villages of Southwest England and The Cotswolds, or tak...

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The Beautiful Foolishness of Things
"Meanwhile, let us have a sip of tea. The afternoon
glow is brightening the bamboos, the fountains are bubbling with delight, the
soughing of the pines is heard in our kettle. Let us dream of evanescence, and
linger in the beautiful foolishness of
things ."...

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Frank Lloyd Wright and The Book of Tea
Phoenix Hall, Uji, Japan c.1052. Photo by Bruce Richardson How did the Book of Tea help inspire architect Frank Lloyd Wright? The first siting of a Japanese building by Wright happened not while touring Japan in 1905. The setting was the Japanese exhibit at...

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