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Keith Mushonga
Life, la vie, la vida, a vida, 生活, жизнь
Life, la vie, la vida, a vida, 生活, жизнь

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Dark clouds swirled across the sky, casting a dark shadow across the Earth; the sun sank in the sea of clouds; the pulverizing heat that had overwhelmed us through the day was now nothing but a calm breeze kissing my skin. I decided to go for a jog around t...

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ロボット - robot
I am a robot; who am I? Am I a man or a machine? I was made by man, to think like man, be like man, but I’m not man; I’m not made of flesh and bones, I’m made of circuits and wires, and billions upon billions of mathematical calculations that happen every m...

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Oh, African fire that burned while my ancestors danced to the beat of their ancestors, until their skin was black as the night, black as blackness black as a black bonfire burning boisterously, Oh, African fire, dancing on the pile of firewood, with your fl...

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Beautiful moon, shining like a pebble in the sky, glowing, flowing, overflowing with beauty, purity I feel my eyes soaking your light- marble light; like twilight truth is I don’t know why I like to look at the moon, is it because it reminds me of a face; g...

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sing a song for me like a bird tweeting in early summer because the sun is high and glad And the world is so much younger open up your cute little beak and bubble it up like cello  let your cords feel free to speak until the world's all mellow  bless us all...

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абстрактный - abstract
in this world he sees with walls warping and moving and changing, where stairs, descend and ascend, and nothing is as it seems; where he walks, runs away; from what? from something, and is found; by what? by something; in this world where at one moment he's...

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I heard the birds moaning like it was a funeral, as if a loved one had died I heard the insects croaking, hidden in the grass, behind the trees and who knows where!— It was a loud, discordant noise; yes, the night was theirs, and I was an intruder! have you...

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The world was one supercomputer connected through circuits and circuits; many pathways led to other pathways and data was looped hooped; thoughts, feelings, words, sounds, war, famine, peace, money-- you name it! You name it! Although it seemed disconnected...

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Raison d’être
I love you so much You are my raison d’être What am I? a man? Yes, more than a man But a prisoner of love: Can't live without you Desire's poison Once it's inside it's unseen; And it kills slowly

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Waves tumbling slowly Then violently with passion, Splashing me wholy Two columns open  And the raft speeds through And then it's swollen A foamy layer Is pulled behind like a tail Like stormy prayer. Oh, it's fun to ride A raft pulled behind a boat Sailing...
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