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Looking at the statistics of a typical days traffic on your website will, most likely, show that anything up to 50% of your visiting traffic will be from people using Smartphones and Tablets and what's more is, this number is about to grow!

However, what is disappointing is that if you wish to monetize all this wonderfully diverse traffic coming to your website then you are going to face something of a struggle.

A considerable percentage of advertising agencies are simply unable to provide quality creatives, adverts to you and me, that will truly work across the rich variety of devices your statistics are seeing. Okay, Google can provide ad's that will work on most devices but the downside here is that Google Ad's don't pay as well as some of the other agencies available.

The problem the is that whilst the Web Design and Development industry is steaming ahead and embracing a on size fits all approach, the various advertising agencies have simply been, for the most part, left behind.

This is unfortunate for all parties as not only does this restrict Websites from monetizing their traffic, but also means companies/organisations that wish to promote goods and services will be missing out on a growing income stream.

Why not contact us at Zest Internet now to see how we can help your project become a reality.

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Wordpress is a very capable and popular platform when it comes to SEO. However, if you are not careful, it can work against you if you are using it anything other than a blog.

Recently, as of Wordpress 3.8, we have seen a sudden and unexpected increase in errors generated when testing Wordpress sites with the Structured Data Testing Tool found in Google's Webmaster Tools. 

The most common of these errors is to do with the structured data missing both the 'updated' and 'author' information when using certain themes with static pages.

These problems don't currently appear to be causing any serious issues with regards to ranking and indexing but, as Google has a habit of changing the rules, if you have other issues on the site as well then it could quickly get out of hand and work against you. Why not get get in touch with us at Zest Internet now to learn more about how we can help you make your website Search Engine friendly.

Call us now FREE on (UK)0800 279 0929.

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When Developing Websites one area that needs special care and attention is the navigation, or navbar as it is more commonly known.

Whether the design requires it to be a drop down menu or something simpler, a good navbar is critical if you want people to use your site and easily find things.

Drop down menu's have been popular for sometime and can give easy access to your site. Yet, if not careful, drop down menu's can actually spoil the whole user experience, particularly if the site is being accessed via a touch device such as a Smartphone or Tablet.

The issue with many drop down menu's is that they rely on the Hover action which is a feature not currently supported on Smartphones or Tablets, this essentially means that anybody using these devices will not able access parts of your site.

HTML/CSS Framework's such as bootstrap overcome this by using various methods such as a 'sticky' approach to drop down menu's, this requires a click or tap to trigger the drop down and will remain open till the user clicks or taps on the open drop down or elsewhere on the page.

User experience is the make or break of any website so why not contact us here at Zest Internet to see how we can help you.

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Never under estimate the power of Social Media and its ability to give you and your business unparalleled access to your consumers.

Whilst there is no denying the SEO value that Social Media can bring, it still comes as a surprise when most companies, whilst have a distinctive house style on their Websites and Blogs, choose to pay little or no effort with regards to their appearance on Social Media.

Even by simply applying a high quality version of your logo to Facebook, Twitter etc can make all the difference but why not go the extra step and bring your unique branding to your Facebook or Tumblr presence and give your consumers added confidence.

Why not contact us at Zest Internet to see how we can transform your Social Media outlets by bringing in your distinctive house style.
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There is no denying the effects Social Media has had on how we interact with each other and the effects it has had on social and professional lives. However, Social Media has done website development a huge favour.

In the past when developing a website you couldn’t guarantee your visitor’s browser would have Javascript enabled, or even installed in some cases. But since the huge popularity of the likes Facebook and Twitter, both demanding Javascript be present and enabled, it is now safe to assume that any features you introduce to your site that use Javascript will behave. 
That said however, it is still good practice to catch those that may not have Javascript enabled in a graceful manner, also known as ‘Graceful Degradation’.

Why not get in touch with us here at Zest Internet to find out more on how we can help you with your Website Development needs.

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When developing and designing websites there are many things you can do to both speed up the build process and also ensure it works on all devices.

Frameworks have been used for the foundation on many themes for Wordpress and indeed many other Content Management Systems, they allow your ideas and designs to become a reality very quickly and by making the right choice they will ensure your website will work on all modern devices.

Why not contact us at Zest Internet now to see how we can help your project become a reality.

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Tech Tip: There is no denying that Wordpress is good, whether you are using it purely for blogging or for delivering your entire site, it is a very useful, powerful platform.

However, Wordpress can suffer from performance issues and whilst there are some excellent plugin’s available to help deal with performance, some are better than others.

Some of the performance plugin’s may not ‘play nice’ with some of the theme’s or plugin’s you have installed and can actually stop your Wordpress dead in it’s tracks, not a good thing!

To ensure good performance first ensure Wordpress is up-to-date, at time of writing Wordpress 3.8.1 is the current version which is really good and doesn’t appear to suffer from performance issues anywhere near as much as previous builds.  Also ensure all your plugin’s and theme’s are current and not causing errors on loading.

Take a look around your own site whilst you are NOT logged in as you are more likely to spot issues straight away, if you are logged in you will suffer a performance hit as Wordpress adds extras to the page making it more difficult to identify and sort out.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about how we can help you squeeze out that extra performance from your site, it doesn't have to be Wordpress either! 

Call FREE on 0800 279 0929 or 01743 354266.

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With the continuing growth of Smartphone’s and Tablet’s it is vital to ensure that you consider these devices and how they interact with your website.  Whilst using responsive, or adaptive, techniques in your next website design should enable your site to look good on all devices, it is not enough to ensure a good user experience.

The issue’s with these devices is not just their screens and how your site may appear but also the availability of bandwidth and how quick your content is delivered.

Currently there are two methods for quickly controlling what the user see’s on their device.

 The first method is to simply hide any unnecessary content that is not necessary to the core content of your page by simple using CSS. This is not a good idea as the unnecessary content still has to be delivered to the browser before being hidden which consumes valuable time and resources for no benefit to the user.

The second method is to swap unnecessary content for something more relevant, again using CSS. This will also consume valuable time and resources as with this method you are delivering two lots of unnecessary content with only limited benefit to the user.

Why not contact us here at Zest Internet to see how we can help you with Responsive Website Design whilst ensuring a good user experience on any device...
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What makes a good website, nice design, quality of content or good structure? The answer is all of them of course but the latter two points are more important if you are to ensure people can find and engage with your content properly and of course the impact it will have on Search Engines.

When doing research or just simply browsing the web I frequently find websites that have interesting and engaging content but are a real chore to actually navigate. It gives you the impression that they simply haven’t considered people may actually want to read their content.

When first designing a website the structure should be well thought out, content should be located in logical areas and should have unique, sensible permalinks. Sites with large volumes of information might want to consider having a site search facility, something most CMS’s can offer.

If you are planning on having a website or considering changing the one you already have, why not get in touch with us here at Zest Internet now to learn more about how we can help you with your ideas for your next website.
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There is no denying the fact that broadband speeds have improved recently yet, according to a recent survey, over 45% of online customers still suffer slow download speeds.

Consumer group Which? have said that broadband providers should give customers the quality of service that they have paid for.

The internet is now an essential part of our lives and this is only set to increase as more facilities become available online fuelling the demand for faster, more reliable, connection speeds.

Why not get in touch with us at Zest Internet now to learn more about how we can help you with your page/site loading speed issues…
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